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You're the man now dog.com
Preview image
Creator: Max
Created on: July 6, 2001
Sound origin: Finding Forrester trailer
Image origin: Google Images


Infobox for Individual YTMND sites which don't have a Fad infobox on them.


{{Site Infobox|name=


  • name = Title of the YTMND (On the titlebar)
  • 'image = The filename of the uploaded image, without any parameters or the "Image:" prefix
  • subdomain = the first part of the YTMND's domain (site.ytmnd.com)
  • creator = username of the YTMND's creator, If they have an article here, wikilink their username to their article
  • creationDate = Date the YTMND was made
  • soundOrigin = Sound origin
  • imageOrigin = Image origin
  • siteID = Site's ID number, found at the end of the profile URL (www.ytmnd.com/sites/profile/1234
  • alignment = the positioning of the infobox—left or right (default is right).


This code generates what you see

{{Site Infobox|name=You're the man now dog.com
|creator=[[Max Goldberg|Max]]
|creationDate=July 6, 2001
|soundOrigin=Finding Forrester trailer
|imageOrigin=Google Images