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Talk about things here 8)


Asset Download

Will the conversion to .swf still allow for the asset downloads feature that currently exists? -Claremonster

My current plan is to keep a copy of the original so that assets in the profile pages would still be download-able. Max 13:53, July 17, 2008 (CDT)


I'd have to say that the one thing keeping me from remaining truly active in this site rather than pursuing similar forms of online media is the lack of true, reliable sync. I remember you hinting at it a while back, but I'm still unclear as to whether this flash container carries any benefit in the way of gapless looping and the like. --AndySavage 14:43, July 17, 2008 (CDT)

With the new format, you would be able to upload WAVs and GIFs as you do now, but the lack of sync (due to browser/quicktime issues etc.) would not occur as the player would keep track of both animation and sound playback. Assuming your WAV and GIF sync perfectly, you would have a loop that will repeat infinitely and work the exact same way on every browser that supports flash. Max 16:55, July 17, 2008 (CDT)

Bells/Whistles & Low-priority Features

  • Comment while watching/live comment feed
  • Download-able YTMNDs
  • Time-line slider
  • Embeddable YTMNDs

Hmm. Save for 'slideshow' sites, work on YTMND isn't really long enough to warrant a slider feature. At a 3MB limit for images and audio, they can only be so long, after all. I've already had the displeasure of seeing my own work posted on YouTube. With embeddable sites, not only would taking/highlighting work on other pages without permission be easier, but we'd most likely see the worst kinds of sites (think 'Star Fox 64 As Told By VG Cats') representing YTMND on other sites. The live comment feed isn't such a bad idea, but it'd be simpler just to make the comment pages/profiles more apparent to casual users. --Chav-Slayer

Part of the new system would be converting WAVs to ADPCM SWFs, which would make WAV file about 125% of the size of a 128kbps MP3 file of the same sound. Because of this, I was thinking of upping the file size limit to something more along the lines of 6 (or hell, 10)mB. Other than that, I think embeds are probably low priority until we manage to make the sites themselves at least break even in terms of hosting and bandwidth cost. I think the new control layout will be a lot easier for new visitors to figure out. I'd like to get a comp up soon. Max 17:00, July 17, 2008 (CDT)

That's a pretty big change. I'll bet that we start seeing less and less FSF's... And more FLF's... -Claremonster

Those extra MBs would be handy. If you consider how people happily watch HD movie trailers at around 100-250MBs in size on screens with bigger and bigger resolutions, that additional space for YTMNDs would stop future sites from looking too small or low in quality. Sure, there'll probably be some ridiculously long sites made in the process, but there's a price for everything. I'd just like to make YTMNDs that are bigger than 500x300 pixels without cutting anything out or lowering quality... --Chav-Slayer

Cuts for Great Justice

Here's an idea: why not just cut WAV support? No one should be using it anyway, it's a clunky lossless format that takes up a huge amount of space. Almost every audio editor outputs to MP3 anyway, including free ones like Audacity. Also, converting WAV to SWF is not something a server can do easily. Plus, you'd be adding more space required for each YTMND by having not only the source files but the new SWF files as well. -b0x

WAV or some sort of lossless compressions is almost universally required to achieve perfect gapless looping. Serverside WAV to SWF conversion is not a huge issue. Max 11:38, July 18, 2008 (CDT)


I think the layout of the controls (and the preloader) should be kept as brutally minimal as possible. Thinking way back to the original days of flash loops (dickcream and ytmnd), just had a # ! in the corner. The play/pause/restart/etc buttons should be small and simple like that, kept in maybe the lower-right corner. Or maybe directly to the right of the YTMND logo corner header. - b0x