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See Talk:Fads. Messedrocker 00:30, June 20, 2006 (CDT)

Regarding the entry about me, Umfuld; I edited a flame about me written by Johnnylurg because for whatever reason the mods here let him edit this wiki for months using other users names, but I digress. So lacrossestar83 doesn't seem to like what i wrote. I think anyone who isn't just being an ass will agree that posting the same assets, ones that include screeching, overly loud audio, hundreds and hundred of times with the only change being Rick Roll-style misleading titles is trolling. That is the most basic form of trolling at YTMND - posting the same noise site over and over, hundreds of times. Lacrossestar83 spent years doing this several times a day, every day. Other trolls would upvote these reposts (because hahaha Rick Rolling never gets old) and people like me would downvote them when we saw they had been forced onto the front page. After doing this to many such sites posted by lacrossestar83 he took exception and began making sites with my name in the title. He was pretty much the first to start making sites about me regularly. I maintain that what I described in the entry here accurately describes what led to this troll making 100s of sites about me. He didn't like that I was downvoting his reposted noise sites. And as I write it's YTMND and if people think they can get a single 5 they will make the site no matter how unoriginal or bad and I can name a dozen people who will automatically upvote any site about me regardless of content. And indeed, upvoting sites regardless of content because you think doing so will 'get' someone don't like is also trolling (Doing something for no other reason than to try to piss someone off). And the final thing I write about trolling the trolls - take lacrossestar83, literally everyday for years now he has visited my profile page looking for new comments I've made to minus. He doesn't do this out of love. He's mad. He's trolled. - Umfuld sept 2011

The entry you wrote about yourself was not in response to a flame and is not a description of you as a user-based fad. For example, you wrote about how you make the best sites. There are no sites about how you make the best sites. That is not a fad. There are sites about the term "obsessed queer". That's a term you used ad-nausium in flames wars. That is the reason you are a user-based fad. What you wrote is wholly inaccurate. Image 20:02, September 23, 2011 (CDT)