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  • Songs "interpreted" phonetically to English. The fad first involved the Finnish version of the theme song from DuckTales. Some of the misinterpreted lines from the Finnish DuckTales version were used for many sites ("Your arms are broken" and "Taco Nazi" are the best examples of it). Other popular songs misinterpreted include "Heute Ist Mein Tag" by Blümchen, "Call on Me" by Eric Prydz, the German version of the ending to Super Mario Bros. Super Show! ("Do the Mario"), the classical "O Fortuna", the Swedish and Dutch versions of the DuckTales theme, and the Finnish version of the Pokémon rap.
    • One popular mis-interpretation involves a song by Sacred Spirits called "Wishes Of Happiness & Prosperity", where the line is mis-interpreted as "I want Sundaes" and accompanied by a picture of actor Kirk Douglass at an old age.


We can make subpages for translations etc. I.e. Interpretation/Swedish ducktales for lyrics in Swedish and translation and shit. It's Smiddle, LOL · What is Talk Page? · KHAAANTRIBUTIONS! 15:36, January 26, 2007 (CST)