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A YTMND parasite

The YTMND parasite (thefticus ripoffisis) is said to be the very worst of all YTMND epidemics. The parasite feeds on pre-existing YTMNDs and resubmits them without any alteration (save for removing text, or using different sound) as sites of their own making. Parasites believe that stealing from other YTMND users is an acceptable action. Parasites rarely offer sound or image origins since they usually steal it from other YTMNDs; revealing the origin would result in their exposure.


There is no known vaccine against parasites. All YTMND users are fair game to this plague. The only defense is to label the site a "parasite" (or simply, "a rip-off") if it is known to be stolen from another submission.

Occasionally, users with parasites claim to have obtained the image and/or sound from MySpace or a forum, while claiming it as being an original creation. One must realize that most high quality GIFs are originally from YTMND, and should subsequently be researched before submitting.

What you can do

  • Be sure to let infected parasite users know they are carrying the virus by telling them their site is a "parasite".
  • Unfortunately, most parasites leave their "creations" up long after it is proven that the site's content has been stolen. Luckily, moderators are more than willing to delete sites with stolen content.
  • Original sites that are victims of the parasite are immune to the label of "parasite"; only the stolen site should be branded as such. Unless the "parasite" is eBaum's World, there is no need to notify the original creator.

Asset feature

YTMND's new asset feature allows users to click the cited origin of a site to see what other users have used the same picture or sound. This is an excellent way to determine if a site has been stolen, or if an image has already been used. It is important to cite your images, or it will create confusion if and when another user finds your image on the Internet and posts it on YTMND.

An asset listing consists of the following: the YTMND site (""), the word "assets", a slash, and the MD5 sum of the uploaded image or sound. For example, this link gives a listing of all sites to use the "What Is Love!?" GIF of Katamari Damacy: not one user has cited the image as their own. The only way to check then is by checking the dates posted, though that method is still not a foolproof indication the image originated on YTMND.

Parasite Awareness Network

# User Infected with Damages Result
01 "CROOKED-WOOD" Parasite Stolen sound and images account deleted due to constant theft
02 momthinksimcool Parasite stolen sound and images Post stolen sites and material.Tried to edit this article by saying all Ytmnd users are parasites.Also has several sites of the infamous video gif that started the NEDM fad. Possible alt accounts include wii-lover (which he deleted) and MaxGoldberg (which he also deleted). User considered a gimmick/troll/satire account by some.
03 "cheeseds" Parasite unknown
04 "forshizzle" Parasite Stolen sound and images forshizzle?
05 "biohazard9" Parasites Stolen sound and images yet makes fun of Ebaum for stealing
06 "ryanschmidtty" Parasites Stolen sound and images
07 "BWS12344" Parasites Stolen sound and images Deleted his sites due to this article
08 "lalunamel" Parasites Stolen sound and images Deleted infected site
09 "joshrps135" Parasites Stolen sound and images Deleted his sites due to this article
10 "SlyReaper" Parasites Stolen sound and images
11 "Dustino66" Parasites Stolen sound and images
12 "bigboylive2008" Parasites Stolen sound and images
13 "Crunkmasta" Parasties Stolen sound and images
14 "beezie" Parasites Stolen sound and images
15 "genstar" Parasites Stolen images including FutureConan and NSMB Account deleted recently. Now goes by the name "genstar2"
16 "Nigga-stole-your-site" Parasites Awful gimmick user who steals various "NSMB" sites
17 "ollj" Parasite quote ollj: "no citing for re-used stuff needed since you can just klick it." images stolen from other YTMNDs, no credit given, will downvote all sites of someone (even if previously voted higher) simply because he has a different opinion on a random issue
18 "Grandstroker" Parasite posting edited gifs and cites 'google'
20 "idolwick31" Parasite stolen images and sound stole 7 gifs from b3ta, did not cite
21 hellofriend43 Parasite stolen images and sound Repeat offender. Blatantly steals famous or popular YTMNDs claiming all to be the originals. Sometimes, he even claims to be the creator of the sound used in the site. [1] He also adds his own sites to his favorites. [2]
22 SageOverride Parasite stolen images Extremely critical user complaining about lack of originality on YTMND, that all other users are sheep and that his ytmnds are better than most users. Meanwhile steals images from all around the Internet and defends it, including stealing monsterparty's well known "Jesus RPG Adventure"
23 Bill-Cosby Parasite / Alt Account stolen images and sound Was an alternate account to k0mputer before he made the k0mputer account, this user would go around and steal images and sound, then modify them a little and repost them so they would not show up in the assets, k0mputer has since deleted the account.
24 pilleater Parasite w/ Alt Accounts stolen images and sound Steals the work of JohnnyLurg and superdreamkilla.

List of parasites by site

Chunk is Indestructible

Cosby Bebop

Nigga Stole Conan's Bike

Notable Thefts

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