Detailed Sex Map Analysis

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Detailed Sex Map Analysis
Preview image
Creator: steve406
Created on: July 21, 2005
Sound origin: The Humpty Dance
Image origin: Reuters

The Detailed Sex Map Analysis is a YTMND that was created by user steve406. It is a slide show site featuring a "sex map" showing nearly 300 high school students that had sexual connections, either directly or indirectly, as shown as blue and pink dots representing males and females connected with lines.

The site notes that the image was taken directly from the article and was left untampered, apart from some "detailed and highly professional" analysis; this analysis consists of calling one of the pink dots a slut and making you a blue dot unconnected from any other dots (i.e. calling you a virgin loser). The punch-line comes at the end, when the author points out a blue dot that is connected with eight pink dots...and one blue dot, prompting the music to change from "The Humpty Dance" to "Tarzan Boy".

Two other pairs of connected blue dots, unremarked upon by the author, appear in the lower-left and upper-right corners of the picture.

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