Crippled Spiderman

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Crippled Spiderman


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Original YTMND:
Spiderman's a cripple?  
Worthy spinoffs:


Crippled Spider-Man originated from a site showing a picture from a Halloween costume catalogue where a kid in a Spider-Man outfit was holding a walker. The music used was The Weight by The Band.

Crippled Spider-Man is not that major of a fad, going up to only about 1 to 3 pages in terms of spin-offs, though this fad has been featured as oppposed to more major fads like Hassan or OMG,secret nazi... in the fad conglomerate Color ME YTMND.

Death of Crippled Spiderman

A little over a year after A-Z2's original crippled Spiderman site, money-hat released yet another episode in the drama filled saga, this time detailing the death of our hero. He has since introduced the ever popular plot device of clones (or time travel) to explain why he is still making Crippled Spidey sites.

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