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Screenshot of Clockcrew's index page was the first known spinoff site, focusing on PTKFGS, it is now defunct. In April 2006, when YTMND user DryIce saw many of the PTKFGS related YTMNDs, he noticed that a separate site for PTKFGS itself did not exist. The domain name was being put to bad use rerouting to various YTMNDs, and the domain name was going to one of the original PTKFGS YTMNDs. So, using his ties to The Clock Crew, the famous Newgrounds based Flash Group, he decided to build a working version of PTKFGS.

Construction of PTKFGS began in early April 2006 with the front page, stylesheets, and some of the PHP code that would run the site. It took over a month for DryIce to develop it, building the site on his home computer, and in one of the computer labs at his local high school. Finally, after days and days of coding, the site was ready to launch.

In May 2006, DryIce launched a YTMND with a screenshot of stating it was hidden somewhere on the Internet, and its location would be revealed in 48 hours. At first, people thought it was a hoax, and downvoted the site, leaving obscene remarks about PTKFGS and DryIce in their comments. Later, when the site's location was revealed, people realized that the site did exist, and some even hailed DryIce for the creation of it. On the other hand, there were YTMNDoholics, particularly in the YTMND Forums, that took PTKFGS too seriously, ridiculing and even threatening DryIce to take down PTKFGS. Despite YTMND Addicts treating the site as a heresey, support for PTKFGS started to slowly grow.

The site was shut down down after a two-week long testing phase where many of the features of YTMND, such as subdomains, embed, and site list were not present. Also the design of the site didn't look as polished as YTMND's. DryIce stated the site was not meant to compete with YTMND and shouldn't be taken seriously.