Blue Ball machine

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Blue Ball Machine
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Original YTMND:
Blue Ball Machine  
by Earthbounder 
October 23,2005  
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The Blue Ball Machine is one of the most frequently-viewed pages on all of YTMND. The site is a patchwork of animated GIFs linked together accompanied by a looping hook of the song Breakfast Machine from the film Pee-wee's Big Adventure. The concept was conceived by Andorion, who created a template and some sample tiles and a thread for others to contribute, and the individual images were created by hundreds of Something Awful forums goons. Each image has three balls enter and leave at particular spots at any frame which is a multiple of 30, but otherwise the content is up to the creator. It has earned this title by accruing a staggering four million pageviews since its inception in October of 2005.

Due to its enormous viewcount, it is touted as the greatest YTMND ever created. But the user who stole the image and created the page, Earthbounder, does not feel the same. He claims that Cosby Bebop is the greatest ever. He is also not willing to let his YTMND grow old and decay. He claims that if the rating falls under **** he will have it deleted as soon as possible.

As of 2012, Earthbounder's profile and all of his sites, including Blue Ball Machine, have been deleted. However, user benjabean1 (talk - contribs) has recreated the site at the same domain. Unfortunately, its viewcount was not carried over.

The origin for the image comes from a patchwork of interconnected animated GIF files created by members of the SomethingAwful forum members. As gaining access to the original thread requires a paid membership to the SomethingAwful forums, a link to the original thread cannot be made available. The irony of Blue Ball Machine consisting of a gif stolen from another website has been lost upon most users.

Fad sites based on this usually involve other variations of the blue ball machines or other "loopy" images.

Before its deletion, the site had the longest run as top viewed YTMND, staying at that position for over one year. On December 21, 2006, How to prank a Telemarketer succeeded the site as top viewed YTMND.