Zinedine Zidane

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Zinedine Zidane
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by jonny9t9
July 9,2006
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On July 9th, 2006, French soccer player Zinedine Zidane made history by headbutting Marco Materazzi (the opposing Italian soccer player) in the chest during the 2006 FIFA World Cup final's extra time, after Materazzi allgedly uttered a racial slur. This earned Zidane a red card after three minutes of negotiating between the players and the referee, and he was sent off the field. Before the World Cup started, Zidane had announced that this would be his last event in International and Club play.

Within hours, there were requests all over the internet for a video clip of the headbutt. Once a clip emerged on youtube, there was a race to create a YTMND based on the headbutt. The most popular one was created by jonny9t9 which uses Ayumu Hamasaki's "Time Is PoP' which was normally used in the rave sites. As a result, new zidane ytmnds often used the song.


The YTMND Zinedine Zidane fad which first appeared during the FIFA World Cup Final, has been very popular throughout the internet, and as a result of it YTMND had doubled in hits in the time following the world cup event [1]. For a whole week, Zidane sites dominated the top 15 despite some criticism from other ytmnd users. Traffic on ytmnd was greater than Ebaumsworld for the very first time. For a few days after the event, countless Zidane YTMNDs were made, nearly all of which featured the same basic GIF with no edits and unoriginal music.

Many links to YTMND based on the Zidane fad were used on MSNBC and many other news outlets, with proper citations leading to YTMND. "The Register", from the UK, however, did not use proper citation until page 2 of its article, only crediting a select featured few. [2]

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