Ytmnd canadian division

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Ytmnd canadian division
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Original YTMND:
YTMND Vacation Notification
by martinprince
June 6, 2009

YTMND Canadian Division

The YTMND Canadian Division is a fictional international wing of YTMND. It is headquartered at First Canadian Place located at 100 King St West, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Any user posting in Canada is a member/employee of The Canadian Division.

The Canadian Division was founded by user martinprince when he created the YTMND Vacation Notification. In that site he pasted a screen shot of a fake email in Microsoft Office that mimicked an automatic vacation reply. In it, it stated that he would be away from YTMND for a week, and would be unable to answer comments or pm's during that time. In the signature field of the email he listed his fictional job title as:

User and Contributer
YTMND Canadian Division
100 King St West
Toronto, Ontario
416 967 1111

Since then martinprince has been one of the most prominent Canadian users on YTMND, and the Canadian Division is often commented on in martinprince's sites in the comments section. There are many Canadian contributors on YTMND, but not all of them are known. Other noteable Canadian users are mastersitsu and fourest Lcadwallader dunsparce kassius aegisreflector khaaaaaaaaaan xXWaspXx Kitty smoothmedia kingstefan