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Original YTMND:
Willy Wonka's Acid Trip (YTMNLSD)
by syncan
December 22 2005
Worthy Spinoffs:

On December 22, the renowned YTMNDer Syncan created "Willy Wonka's Acid Trip (YTMNLSD)". Taken from a scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, it features a close-up shot of Willy Wonka's as he glances around. With colored lights playing off his face, the swirling colored background, and the expression of suspicion-bordering-on-panic on his face, it became perfect for a reference to hallucinations caused by drugs. Syncan edited in blurred, translucent, fading images of various YTMND icons and fads, giving the effect that Wonka's eyes were darting from one YTMND inspired hallucination to the next.

The sound used was the opening to Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit. Mixed into the song are echoing clips from various YTMNDs, giving the impression of auditory hallucinations accompanying the visual.

The sites spawned from Willy Wonka's Acid Trip share several features. One is the close-up of an YTMND icon, as either their eyes dart back and forth, they sway around, or a similar drug-inspired behavior. The next is the blurry YTMND images appearing and disappearing around them. The sites use a clip of Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit, using clips from popular YTMNDs. Each successive one will often use clips from the most recent popular YTMNDs to 'recap' what has come around since the last YTMNLSD was created. Finally, the most common feature is the usage of the '(YTMNLSD)' tag at the end of the title of the YTMND.

There are several sites that sport the '(YTMNLSD)' tag that don't have the above features; however, they almost exclusively maintain the themes of recreational drug use and hallucinations.

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