YTMND Ventrilo server

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A program which allows voicechat over internets.

YTMND Ventrilo Server

Located at

A War With No Meaning

There as been a battle going between the YTMND Teamspeak server and the YTMND Ventrilo server. The Teamspeak server and all of its people (3) have tried to copy/become better than the Ventrilo server. But, to all of ours amazement (not really) the Teamspeak server has failed. They will also continue to fail at life/ytmnd'ery as long as the Teamspeak program sucks and their leader, Spiegal, is a complete douchebag. The Ventrilo YTMND server has better people, more people..., better voice codec, and is pretty much better all together. So, if you had a choice to talk to YTMND'ers please, do yourself a favor, and do not go into the Teamspeak server... The Ventrilo server is full of helpful people, plus alot more people, and alot of "celebrities" of YTMND attend the server daily.

Ventrilo Users