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'''Ventrilo''' is a program which allows voicechat over the Internets. If you don't have Ventrilo, you can get it at [http://www.ventrilo.com/download.php its download page].
'''YTMND's Ventrilo server''' is located at <code>vent.ytmndongs.com:3834 /</code>. See [http://www.ventrilo.com/setup.php#Client_Quick_Setup Ventrilo's Quick Setup page] for help.
''fyrestorm has put up a donation page to help pay for the server monthly [http://fyrestorm.org/donate.html here].''
On February 23, 2006, [[fyrestorm|Fyrestorm]] decided that he wanted a way for the community of YTMND to have a way to communicate VOIP, rather than through text. He subscribed to a server from http://nationvoice.com, and recieved the "vent.ytmndongs.com" IP forwarding address from Snaxe. The ventrilo server was a hit, developing regulars, staff meetings, and various community-building activities. The server gained more popularity from to the "[[Put Shoe on Head]]" fad, and the Wiki being linked on the front page.
==Ventrilo Etiquette==
===User Etiquette===
* No ear-raping.
**[[Ear raped|Ear-raping]] is defined as playing noises at an exceptionally loud level (that no one wants to hear).
**Ear rape is only allowed in Faggot Central.
*No Mute Dodging.
**Mute dodging is switching channels when you're muted to void the previous muting you recieved.
**If you're muted, you were probably muted for a reason. Reconnecting to the server to avoid it will make you liable for banning.
**User should put a comment in their name asking for an unmute.
*If you've gotten kicked, you were probably breaking the rules.
**Don't whine about being kicked, it'll just get you kicked again or banned eventually.
*Faggotry is allowed under these conditions:
**Prank calls are allowed ONLY in Faggot Central.
**If it is genuinely hilarious, and not overused till it's not funny anymore.
**Ear rape is allowed ONLY in Faggot Central.
*No comment spamming.
*Voice Changers are frowned upon.
*Try not to talk over mods when they are speaking.
**Pissing off moderators ''can'' result in a ban and/or them abusing you (dragging, muting, etc).
*There should only be one broadcaster in the Music Lobby.
*You are liable to have your User Channel deleted after giving away your Channel Admin password (if misbehavior is detected).
*Your user channel must '''always''' have your username inside the display name and/or comment.
*If you're female and are: not funny/interesting/have a cute voice, then show a pic of your tits or GTFO. Sending them to fyrestorm only is acceptable (and preferred).
*Male and female genders should be treated equally. Furries like Kr!zz4p do not apply.
*Females are also prone to being harassed by NeoMatrixClt. Just show tits and he'll leave you alone.
*If you're gonna argue over vent, prepare to be muted, kicked, banned, or abused until you stop bitching. Vent is not a place for babies.
*'''OBEY THE THREE STRIKE RULE!!!''' if you hear a mod say "I'm giving you a warning," take notice of it and don't mess up again.
===Mod Etiquette===
*Don't start wars with other mods.
*Do not mute other mods or move them without noting... If you do it for 'the lolz', then you are GONE.
*Don't mess with the USR file.
**No adding or removing of any user/mod unless you have permission from fyrestorm.
*Mods only have jurisdiction over the main lobbys and their own Moderator Lobby
**This means User channels, other mod channels, and Faggot Central are off limits
*Moderators should not remove bans made by other users.
*Moderators should describe bans as detailed as possible.
*Moderators should not enter other moderator lobbies during private conversations.
**There are many other ways to contact someone. If all else fails, try paging.
*Punishment for misbehaving users should be in this order:
**A Drag to Another Channel, Followed by a Warning.
**Mute (5 Minutes)
**G-Mute (30 Minutes)
**Channel Ban (One Hour)
**Server Ban (24 Hours or less depending on circumstances/Permanent if it's a troll)
*If you mute someone, please announce you did it by saying "G-muted"
*'''No one is to ever touch the USR file due to security reasons. This includes adding/removing/changing passwords for other moderators. The only exception is if you are editing yourself.'''
==Historic Events==
*[[JoshCube]] got owned by [[Max Goldberg|Max]] for whining about his YTMNDs getting {{*}}, sparking a few YTMNDs featuring recordings of them quarreling. This was the first time the user limit was at maximum, due to users joining in to hear Max bash on JoshCube. Most users, however, missed out on JoshCube's satirical wit. He has since been dubbed a "secret genius" by more in-the-know forum users.
*[[User:xXWaspXx|xXWaspXx]] coins the term "Vent Mafia" and the YTMND Ventrilo mafia is born, beginning first with the creaton of xXWaspXx's {{y|ytmndventmafia|YTMND Vent Mafia}} site, then with the [[User:VentMafia|VentMafia]] alt account. It's first site (VentMafia Test Site) was made by [[User:boomaga|boomaga]]. Later on, [[User:Crystal|Crystal]] took xXWaspXx's vent mafia logo and put it on this wiki page. xXWaspXx then re-did the logo to what it looks like today.
*[[Fyrestorm]] and a friend got blitzed and sang rap for a good ten or fifteen minutes, on and off. A few people have recorded it but no audio clips have been made, as of yet. ''Whatchoo know about that?''
*[[Put Shoe on Head]] Fad.
*[[Kr!zz4p]] came out of the closet about his furriness and homosexuality.
*[[Jin Died]] 8/29/1986-7/12/2006-7/15/2006
*[[User:Icion|Icion]] had a private chat with [[User:Syncan|Syncan]]'s then-girlfriend Trish. Syncan repeatedly banned Icion in response. Current mods have been reluctant to undo the bans, for various reasons. The bans continued well after the two had broken up.
*The [[User:DX30|DX30]] Week starts. The events are filled with DX30 screaming and pretending to be unbelievably naive. He finally came out and admitted it was an act.
*[[User:Syncan|Syncan]] and [[User:Kitty|Kitty]] appeared together in [[User:Syncan|Syncan]]'s giant mansion. Featured apperances: Kitty's nipples, feet licking, boob grabbing and alcohol. More to come! More like cum. Also, Ventrilo drama and [[User:NeoMatrixClt|NeoMatrixClt]].
*{{y|colormeytmndongs|Color Me YTMNDongs}} was created.
{{Ventrilo users}}
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