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The YTMND Remix Project is a series of YTMND song remix contests produced by moheevi. The first contest began March 19, 2006 and was was completed on June 17, 2006. The contest was decided by a board of judges who were chosen when the applications closed June 11. The winners are posted on the results YTMND. Moheevi sponsored the top 4 sites and is also giving prizes to the top remix. Xero's prize is a secret.

As soon as the first competition closed, a second one has opened with stricter rules on song length. The second contest ended on September 1, 2006 with boomaga's "Shoe on Head Remix" taking the cake.

The third is most likely the final contest under moheevi's supervision, as he has bequeathed it to Feedrosie but will still play a role in its development. The deadline for submitting a remix is December 19th, 2006, and the final day to submit judge lists is on December 26 at 11:59pm CST/YTMND time. The fourth contest ended on May 20, 2007. It has been announced that this was, in fact, the last remix project.


The YTMND Remix Project is also a sutble way to improve on the overplayed music on YTMND with something original. Since the winners have come out the music from the winning songs have been used this way. Though moheevi has offered the past few winners (ALmusic & Boomaga) sponsorship, they turned it down as winning the contest was something in and of itself.

Mission Accomplished and Reasons Why It Ended (Speculation)

"They are pretty much pointless anymore, as people are finally making their own music here and it's not just the same old crap songs used over and over. The remix project worked. Their isn't really much community support for these, either. moheevi was trying to get the contest voting page noticed many times and nobody seemed to care." BTAPE

Results of Contests

YTMND Remix Project #1

1st - YTMND Symphony Orchestra (Part I) by Xer0
2nd - Overdose (Worst YTMND Remix) by Dasyati
3rd - YTMND guitarist - Popcorn Shred by steve-0sucks
4th - YTMND Rocks It by spazzmckiwi
5th - Dr. Dre Ft. Cosby by studged. For more info on this site, see Dr. Dre Ft. Cosby
6th - Tourettes Guy Bebop by michaelwolfson. Deleted by him and later reposted by moheevi.
7th - YTMND For Strings by spazdor
8th - DJ Bob Barker Owns One Record by AskAsk
9th - Come Together YTMND by DZK
10th - lol, MIDI orchestra by boomaga

YTMND Remix Project #2

1st - SunnyRay, Club Diva: Put Your Shoe on the Head by boomaga
2nd - Sad Clown Choir: NEDM Acapella Extended Mix by dragfyre
3rd - We Interrupt This Space Jam (CHECK DESC FOR FULL REMIX) by Eekdacat
4th - Cosby Vocoder 2 by TheWhiteRider
5th - YTMND: The Musical! by Feedrosie
6th - The Situation Rave by Dasyati
7th - Lex Luthor kicks the s*** out of Kaz by kingstefan
8th - Ready, Steady, YTMND by sammich22
9th - Appliance Direct: White Porcelain dance club mix by SirLemming
10th - NES Jesus v3 ITMND by ytcracker

YTMND Remix Project #3

1st - I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up! *rave* by ALMusic
2nd - Picard Song (Epic Maneuver Remix) by Mast
3rd - Beastie Boys Vs. FF6 (Magic House Mix) by SirLemming
4th - We Interrupt This Bombs Over Baghdad by Gulik
5th - Chrono Trigger Dance Remix by AskAak
6th - Nougat Theme Remix by AskAak
7th - Symphonic Brian Peppers Theme by Big-P
8th - Vengaboys: The Headshot Album by lazytown4
9th - Divine Objection by rupertscarr
10th - Crazy Telemarketing Gangsta Rap by SirLemming

YTMND Remix Project #4

1st - Dodgson (Fun Times Mix) by keatonkeaton999
2nd - Poland 3kit by Kassius
3rd - Right Square Bracket (a remix) by Dasyati
4th - How Could This Remix Happen to Me? by POMF-Studios
5th - Bowl of Rice by Mast
6th - Made in Poland (Grand Coalition Remix by Nitesky
7th - Lazyglitch Stephanie by lazytown4
8th - Wolf Blitzer's Debut Album by smoothmedia
9th - Bill Cosby Ft. Trance by Gregh
10th - How's It Hanging McFly (XYZ mix) by Nuroticat
Runner-up - Metal Goosebumps by awesomezilla