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'''YTMND Radio''' was a SHOUTCast radio station hosted on that plays music from the [[YTMND Soundtrack]] or the tastes of the DJ. Sometimes it played conversations from the [[YTMND Ventrilo server]] or the audio of TV or web shows the DJ was currently watching.
==YTMND Radio Closing and Current Status==
On June 10, 2006, YTMND Radio affiliate [http://www.theozoneradio.com TheOzoneRadio] has announced on their site that Max Goldberg plans to close YTMND Radio down because of the price to keep it running. YTMND radio was taken down by Max sometime during the morning of Tuesday, August 1st, 2006 and was temporarily moved to radio.lostformula.com. However, later that same day, due to listeners dissapointment with lostformula's musical selection and lack of emotional connections to YTMND, Alextide32 found a free radio hosting service called Listen2myradio, and relaunched the radio under its current name '''PTKFGS Radio''', at http://ptkfgs.com. However, PTKFGS Radio didn't do so well at Listen2myradio and was moved to alextide32's computer temporarily as '''Flying Lobsters Radio'''. Since Flying Lobsters Radio was hosted locally with the station being off the air whenever alextide was offline, he decided that it would be better for PTKFGS Radio to have a better host. Binome said that he had a dedicated shoutcast server that could hold 32 listeners and would be glad to let it be the new host for PTKFGS Radio. As a result, the current PTKFGS Radio is now hosted at http://n00bmaster.servebeer.com:31337
These users DJed on both YTMND Radio and PTKGS Radio:
These users are new DJs who have only DJed on PTKFGS:
These users DJed on YTMND Radio, but have yet to DJ on PTKFGS.
A copy of the list of the current DJs can be found at http://flyinglobsters.com/radio
==Stream URL==
* http://n00bmaster.servebeer.com:31337 - Copy-paste this URL in your SHOUTCast capable player.
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