YTMND Conference 1945

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YTMND Conference 1945
Preview image
Creator: infinityDUCK
Created on: 10/21/05
Sound origin: Battlefield 1942
Image origin: YTMND/Yalta Conference

YTMND Conference 1945 is a conglomerate site created by YTMND user infinityDUCK. It features the famous photograph of the "Big Three" at the Yalta Conference of 1945, edited to include YTMND fad characters. The site enjoyed brief popularity, occupying the Top 15 for a couple weeks after it was created.


The characters featured in the site, from left to right, are: Batman, Milton Waddams, Takeshi Kaga, Brian Peppers, The Prince, The King, Louis Potgieter, Capt. Jean-Luc Picard, Severus Snape, The "O RLY?" owl, Muhammad Hassan, Sean Connery, Domo-Kun, Capt. James T. Kirk, Darth Vader, and Conan O'Brien. At one point the image featured characters from the What is Love?! fad, but were later removed.

Fad status

Users have debated whether or not combining characters or elements from several fads can be considered a fad of its own. The general consensus is that sites like YTMND Conference 1945 do not constitute their own fad, but belong to a broad category of sites called conglomerates.

Notably, YTMND user Lima has been a persistent fan of the site, suggesting several edits in design, donating, and continuing to lobby for its inclusion into the Hall of Fame as an historical record of the top fads of the period.

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