YTMND 2.0 Changelog

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YTMND 2.0 Changelog


  • Brand new design created specifically to infuriate you.
  • All URLs are now rewritten, so most pages with query strings have new, cleaner URLs.
  • All pages are now fully templated XHTML strict; all CSS, JS, etc moved to external files for speed and cleanliness.
  • All pages are now available gzipped for faster load speed.
  • YTMND has had its database completely overhauled and scrubbed, the majority of the site is now fully UTF-8 compliant.
  • Login and registration completely rewritten to be more secure and quicker.
  • All captchas changed to Recaptcha.
  • New style for starbars.
  • All server-software updated.
  • All Javascript (except for the starbar which is dying for an update) moved to jQuery.


  • YTMNDs can now have both a foreground and background image.
  • YTMND foreground and background images can have finite placement on the page (e.g. top right, bottom center, middle left etc).
  • Site descriptions, origins, etc have all had their size increased and support rich text.
  • Citations are now shown on site profiles.
  • Inbound links are now shown on site profiles so you can see where traffic to YTMNDs is coming from.
  • New version of the YTMND Flash loader has been stripped down and streamlined to be as fast as possible.
  • Logged in users will never see ads on YTMNDs, logged out users will see an ad in the bottom right with a close button.
  • No more start-delay on YTMNDs with ads.
  • Image text changed so it's only as long as it needs to be. On the old site, it would be 1000x1000px no matter what, causing all sorts of scroll issues. It's been shrunk depending on the text size.

YTMND Site Creator

  • Brand new, fully stateless YTMND creator allows you to pick up and drop off during the process of making a site at literally any point in time.
  • Very thorough file processing, which will verify and in same cases re-encode your files. For example if you upload a non-standard WAV, most of the time we can fix it for you!
  • Steps streamlined to make editing easier.
  • New preview function gives you a unique preview URL which lasts for an hour and can be sent to friends for approval.
  • You can now provide a YTMND asset id or md5 instead of uploading a file.
  • Files are uploaded with AJAX, allowing you to continue changing options while still uploading.

Rich text

  • Rich text is supported in multiple areas of the site.
  • Rich text includes bold, italic, underline, code (preformatted monospace), spoiler (hidden until mouseover) and user/site/asset links.
    • User/site/asset links are currently undergoing a retooling, so it's advisable to not try to use them.


  • User activity is now tracked thoroughly. This can be changed somewhat in your user preferences.
  • Site/Profile views, votes, comments, site creations/edits etc all show up in your activity page.
  • /spy is now a crapflood.


  • YTMND now supports friends and enemies.
  • Becoming friends or enemies with a user makes their user name change color around the site.
  • Befriending someone makes them show up in your "feed", where you can stalk them.
  • Currently making someone your enemy does nothing beyond making a statement.


  • Comments have had their size increased to 2000 characters (less if you use multibyte).
  • Comment nesting now goes to five levels, for multi-threaded conversations.
  • Longer user-names are now visible in comments.
  • Wide comments no longer push controls to the side, or break boxes.
  • Comments now have unique immutable links which can be copied from their timestamp.
  • Comments on user profiles now link to the parent comment if the comment is a reply.
  • Comment links will go directly to the page the comment is on.
  • Posting a comment on a paged site/news post will now redirect you to the page your comment appears on.

Private Message System

  • Completely rewritten from scratch.
  • Messages are now threaded, so every reply is added on to the original message, instead of copying the entire message multiple times.
  • Number of unread messages is now shown on every page.
  • No more unnecessary AJAX, each message has a full URL.
  • Removed blocked users, because no one used it and it never worked that well.
  • New option to receive an email if you get a private message (off by default to combat possible spam).
  • Messages in the "trash" older than 30 days are now automatically deleted.
  • Private messages support rich text.
  • Filters on the main mail view:
    • Quick-filters to hide read/unread messages.
    • Filter text box to filter by Sender/Subject.
  • When composing a new private message, each comma-separated username will auto-complete.


  • News now has an RSS feed.
  • The five news posts listed at the bottom of the news now show surrounding news posts instead of the most recent five.
  • New news page listing available at /news/list
  • News is now searchable.


  • Lots of options added and removed.
  • You can now change the email address associated with your YTMND account.
  • You can now retrieve a forgotten username.
  • When you use the "reset password" function, it sends you a verification mail rather than just changing your password.

User Profiles

  • All pages rewritten to make use of AJAX where applicable.

Default page

  • Added some basic comment statistics.
  • Now shows latest activity.

Sites page

  • Now properly sorts on all applicable fields, sorting should also be much faster.
  • Has a default sort based on URL, e.g. /users/max/sites sorts oldest-to-newest, /users/max/sites/recent is newest-to-oldest, /users/max/sites/top_rated is highest-scores first.

Comments page

  • Comments page now also shows news comments.
  • Comments now link to all associated parties/pages, e.g. the parent comment, site, news post etc.

Lists page

  • Removed for now. RIP :(

New user profile pages

  • Frienemies page - Gives an overview of who your friends and enemies are, as well as all "inbound" relationships.
  • Activity page - Shows your recent activity.
  • Feed page - Shows when people comment on your site, and all of your friends' activities. Sort of like a personal /spy.

Permissions System

  • A finite permissions system allows permission/punishments to be doled out for very specific actions or groups of users.

Info section

  • New "about" page, new "staff" page, new "page removal" page, etc.

Users List

  • New sections which allow you to see (Most/Least) sponsorship and Most/Best/Worst commenters.


  • New contest option to only allow new sites.
  • Contest placement is calculated based on votes between the start and end date of the contest, so old sites no longer have an advantage.

Assets Page

  • Now shows a plethora of extra information.
  • URLs can now be /assets/<asset id> in addition to /assets/<asset md5>

Keywords Page

  • Tried to make it slightly more useful and failed miserably.


  • All services (AJAX and others) now require a custom shared-secret to avoid a number of security and usability issues from the old site.
  • Passwords are now hashed before logging in so plaintext passwords are no longer sent.
  • A PayPal calculator built into the sponsorship page.
  • Hall of fame and a few other content boxes were dropped, as they required too much work to maintain manually, and were never very good representations of YTMND.
  • All server configuration (for php, apache, mysql etc.) has been chopped up and turned into M4 scripts so we can easily launch and move servers as needed.
  • In addition to "must be logged in" pages, we now have "must be logged out" pages, like register and login for instance.