YTMND 2.0 Bugs

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Please update this page as needed. Please include browser type, version, operating system and screenshots if helpful.

Known bugs/unfinished features

  • Uploads only work in Firefox.
  • Rich text links don't work yet.
  • UI for frienemies needs to be finished.
  • YTMND spy needs to be written.
  • Looks shitty.
  • Need to add number of users online, site count, user count etc.
  • Can't comment on site profiles (Chrome)
  • Can't unhide comments (Chrome) Also it should just say "Below comment threshold"
  • Favicon does not appear on site profiles and pretty much ever other page besides the front page.
  • Low-rated comments are hidden even though I have that feature deactivated.

Broken Features

  • Views on the /sites/ pages don't seem to be right.
  • Almost none of the user preferences work.
  • Voting on comments does not work (Chrome) Also maybe add when you click on the vote, it can display all votes. Ex, a Comments vote is +5 but when clicked it would say +7/-2.
  • Comment replies sometimes do not appear directly under the comment they are replies to. Can best be summed up on this page.

Broken Images

  • The FM ad needs to find a better place on the front page.

Broken Links