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Unfortunately, sometimes there are users who prefer to '''vandalize''' ytmnd wiki than contribute constructively to it. Vandalism is the conscious malicious edit to an article, such as adding an unconstructive comment, edit, or simply attempting to delete the entire page. Please, report vandals using this page.
== Variation ==
Sometimes an edit might look like vandalism, but it could be a user testing out the features. If it looks more like an experiment than actual vandalism, give them ''one warning'', pointing them to the [[YTMND:Sandbox|sandbox]]. If they continue report them here.
'''Admins:''' After dealing with the vandal, delete the vandal's entry from this and note what you did in the edit summary. If the list is not empty, note that on the edit summary as well.
==Current reports==
<!-- Please use this format to report vandalism
{{vandal|Username_of_vandal}} - Reason - signature (4 "~" signs).
{{vandal|Fgfrox}} - Blanking all pages in sight.

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