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Version 1.2 [2005-06-18 18:49:38 CST]

(15:39:02): yeah something on the session is easiest
(15:39:07): and least code/db access
(15:39:20): whenever you log them in, stick RAND on their session
(15:39:25): whenever displaying vote box, add RAND to url
(15:39:33): in vote.html, check RAND is in query string param

rss feed
-- should be in interface/
-- probably rss feeds for all the content boxes
-- possibly if we ever expand the search to be a little more detailed,
-- we can save searches as rss that are updated once every 60 or so minutes?

Nested comments?
Re-work comments so they arent a varchar?

Have links to sound/image on profile page.
Store filesize information on image/sound size.
-- in the future this can be used for a "56k" option.
-- ie dont show me sites over 500k or something.

-- /keyword/keyword_underscores_for_phrases
-- site list like results, or "album" results using each site's thumb.jpg

Report this site feature.
-- For illegal content.
-- Marked as work safe when not work safe.
-- Craigslist like.

News CMS.

Help section/Help CMS.