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!- There will obviously need to better checks in place for abuse of power than the current<br>
!- There will obviously need to better checks in place for abuse of power than the current<br>
!- mod setup.<br>
!- mod setup.<br>
!-  If we can get rich people and movie stars to like YTMND as much as most of the users,<BR>
!-- then they will be able to donate lots of money and will tell the world how great YTMND is (in theory).<BR>

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Version 1.17 [2007-12-24 22:09:16 CST]

$Id: TODO,v 1.17 2007-12-25 04:09:16 max Exp $

TODO (in no particular order)


  • - Bug.

@- Possible feature or something I am bugged about constantly.
+- New Feature I want to add.
!- Current state or general information.


  • - The SQL trigger that removes votes is causing site scores to be recalculated improperly

!-- I think the best solution is to remove the trigger from the user table and move it to the user votes table.
!-- So that each time a vote is deleted it does a new tally of the site score.
!-- (this would require changes to the current spots that allow deletion of votes)

  • - Users who are deleted that have made comments which have nested children end up creating orphaned nested comments
  • -- Decide if you should just delete all the orphaned comments with a trigger (or possibly cascading?)
  • -- Or just change it so they have no parent and become a normal comment.

!-- This has been changed to delete the entire nest.


+- "56k" option to prevent users from opening huge sites.
@- Add site size information to site profile and possibly sites table

+- The ability to attach an asset to a site, such as a full version of an image or song.
!-- This will be a pain due to the obvious copyright issues of people posting full songs they didn't make.

@- Decide on further asset accountability functions
@-- The same functions that would allow use records of who uploaded child pornography to the site
@-- would allow the MPAA or RIAA to use them if it ever came to that. Is it worth it?

@- The ability to certify/claim you are the original creator of an asset.
@-- Possibly add a creative commons license option.
!-- We currently track who uploaded each asset when.

@- Possibly the ability to allow users to view all of their assets or other people's assets.
@-- IE: I want to see all of ROY4L's sound clips.

+- Add asset server information into the db schema.

+- Finish working on the the "types" setup, add avatars, add flash versions of wavs
+-- Maybe do a parent-child type deal, for making thumbnails and flash versions.

+- Asset conversion and cleanup

  • -- There are tons of malformed or incorrect file types in the DB
  • -- A few sites have managed to use a sound for their image and an image for their sound, etc.

@-- Create a script to clean up assets that no longer exist or are used (partially complete)
!-- Work on gapless playback.

+- Possibly add a preview to the assets page.
@-- Redesign asset page to show all the new information about each asset.


@- Real user profiles, same sort of information vBulletin has, with some other good info to create fun
@-- statistical information from.

@- Avatars (would need to figure out where on the site they are shown).
@-- Possibly open up avatars for everyone but allow paid members to have slightly larger avatars.

@- Discuss the addition of user comments and user ratings (like a myspace (ugh) wall)

+- Tie in with lists to allow grouping and organization of user sites.


+- Get rid of the POST shit on every page clicking back and forth.

  • - There is some sort of duplicate messages bug. (Back button related or multi post related)

@-- Probably disable submit button onsubmit

  • - Blocked users still cause your messages icon to light up.

+- Option to email user when they get a new PM.
+-- Sub-option to not be spammy and only send 1 email until next login.

@- Filters to let you only view new, replied etc. Maybe a simple text subject search filter.

+- Auto expiration and trashing of messages.

@- Better integration with the site, possibly move it all to a class.
@-- To allow easy sending of PMs from inside code.


+-- Implement the donations by user code I wrote into /browse/

@- "Downations" - the ability to counter sponsor a site.
@-- Would allow users to get sites off the front page.


+- Standardize sessions, use a wrapper session class.
+-- Needs to be written to allow for load balancing for the future.
@-- Decide which session engine to use, or if you should just create your own.
@-- Memcache may be an option but I almost want to use something disk based or at
@-- least a bit more secure.

  • - Figure out YTMNSFW age check issues.
  • -- Possible cookie bug on new NSFW code I wrote.


@- Put more keyword info in when users search.

+- Add more to keywords interface.

+- Limit # of keywords on site creation.

+- Allow users to report keyword abusers.

+- Keyword live updates, latest popular keywords content box.

+- Add popular keywords to front page (already written somewhere on the db server).


@- Maybe do a loose login system like amazon
@-- Always logged in, requires a password to do important things like add/delete/edit sites/options?

+- Write a new login class, old one is legacy code that needs to be cleaned up or rewritten.


+- Rewrite completely.
+- Get more meta data (like age, contact options, sex, etc)
+- Make people agree to the TOS

  • - Completely redo the captcha without sessions/cookies, it's causing too many problems.
  • -- Also add a timeout to the captcha.

+- Better IP tracking, like the forums but with a warning system and a decay.

@- Something to track signups-per-ip over a certain period and limit too many new accounts coming
@-- from a single proxy or ip.

+- "Hardcore mode" option.
+-- When you sign up, you must make at least one site, if it gets a rating under 2.5
+-- for a period of 24 hours, your account gets deleted.


@- Insert a row on each site view with: (IP, site_id, referring url).
@-- CRON job uniqify's views and stores a small amount of referring url data.
@-- Figure out a way of doing this without storing massive amounts of data.
@-- Maybe show referrers on site profiles.

!-- It's possible that storing information on referral URLS for 1 week would be sufficient.


!- Schema started
+- Real shopping cart. multiple tables and most likely a separate db.
+- Site sponsorship done through store.


!- VBulletin is shit, from the looks of it they have no plan to ever support LDAP or anything like it.
!- So, I give up investing any real amount of time into it.


+- Inject a unique message ID and then a qmail script to parse the information into a db.
+-- This way when all the idiots sign up and they require human white-list interaction it can tell them
+-- to fuck themselves when they send 1000 emails to support.

+- Create a tracking mechanism for when a user has received an email to keep YTMND from spamming them.
+-- To avoid sending multiple alerts/pm notifications between logins.


@- Maybe build something into the new mod panel that gets all the support@ email.


+- Create a generic error handling class (this should be easy now that we are on PHP5)

  • - All pages that just consist of die messages or warnings should go through an error class of some sort

!- new mustBeLoggedIn() feature <3


!- RSS is something that would be extraordinarily easy to add, and would be a great feature.
!- The reason it hasn't been done yet is that 95% of the ad revenue that supports YTMND's
!- hosting is from people going to www.ytmnd.com, ie: people use rss feeds instead and
!- YTMND can't pay for hosting.

!- Until I can figure out a way around this, it would be suicide to RSS up everything.

@- RSS feeds for each content boxes.
@- RSS feeds for each alert (paid?)

+- In the mean time, make an RSS feed for the news at least.


+- Make an Admin CMS for news.


+- A help section with common problems and solutions.
+-- This should be in the wiki, and since no one has created it will probably never happen until
+-- YTMND can pay someone to do it since I am completely unwilling.


+- Rename hash tables so they are easily identifiable as so.


+- Sites that are older than 1 week but have less than 10 votes.


!- The lists backend is complete with basic functionality.
!- It currently supports the user favorites but is much more
!- powerful. It also supports custom made user lists:
!- IE: Get to know NEDM or Worst of What is Love? or Inkdrinker Approved etc.
!- As well as lists managed by multiple people (group lists, such as moderator favorites)

  • - Remove all of the user watch list stuff from lists, functionality should be moved to alerts.

+- Ability to add more than one note per item per user.
+- Write interface for custom made lists.
+- Write interface for list permissions/group permissions.
+- Write interface+functions for ordering.
+- Add subgroup-grouping, like folders/files.

@- Maybe a global fads list and let people take over maintaining a fad list. (ugh)
+-- The back end is sort of there, but the functions aren't in the class.


+- Build a protection mechanism to keep sites from being accidentally deleted
+-- (especially useful for hall of fame). (this could be done with cascading restrictions)
!-- Implemented with cascading restrictions recently. It might be worth further discussion
!-- to allow users to protect sites, or even to auto-protect front page or high traffic sites
!-- from editing.

+- Expand amount of text allowed for origins and description, not sure if this needs to be done in
+-- the db or code or both.

@- Add a "PRIVATE" option. Won't show up in searches, keywords, front page, random etc.

@- New text styles. @-- Back in the days before YTMND, when I made YTMND spoofs, I used different text cascade
@-- algorithms. For instance, text that starts at the bottom and cascades up, or originating
@-- from the center.
@--- One issue with this is the complexity of writing the image text algorithms was bad enough
@--- Adding more complexity won't be very fun in terms of recreating text tweening, boundry box
@--- math and emulating text alignment with GD or the like.


+- Complete rewrite of sound code. Needs to be a lot smarter and take into account user preferences.
+-- For instance, allowing the use of media player on firefox, which would solve a lot of sound woes.
+-- Make a sound discovery javascript routine.
!-- Would be a non issue if sound was moved over to flash.


@- Possibly make icons for the site link function that show sites that are ws/nsfw and sites that are in the HOF.
@-- Or currently on up and coming, etc.

!- Going further with the historical data, it would be possible to do a Newgtounds type system (i think it's NG)
!-- Or some mixture of Alexa/Google Zeitgeist feature that would allow you to see the full history of a site
!-- With graphs showing views, when a site was on the top viewed, what place it was, score, etc.


+- Enable NSFW warning option
+-- Enable spammier "unknown" warning option.

+-- Only force users leveled 0 and 2 (with the option set) to go to YTMNSFW.com.
@--- Otherwise let logged in users (over the age of 18?) see NSFW conten on YTMND.com
+--- Default to warning on.

FRIENDS SYSTEM (super ugh)

+- Ability to add someone as a friend (confirmation required).
+- Friends list, with online/last login status, PM button on each.
@-- Maybe an explanded option that shows you each friend's most recent site.

@- Stalk mode: show what they're up to if there are entries in the spy_log.

+- Ability to add "Idols" and "Sworn Enemies" without confirmation.


+- An area of the site where you can upload a sound or image and make requests for someone
+-- to come up with the other half of the equation.
+-- Some sort of commenting mechanism.

@- Think of some clever way to deal with user collaborations on profile pages.

GROUPS (double super duper ugh)

!- User groups

@- Any user can create up to five groups and be a member of up to 25.
@- Member post board of some sort.
@-- Extremely simple forum thing.

@- Group favorites/site lists/recommendations dealy.
@- Group news page.
@- Public and Private group types.
@- Group authored sites? (oh my!)
@-- Or some mechanism for an asset to be passed around to the entire group.


+- Allow users to set an alerts on site titles, keywords, origins
+-- Specific assets ids and user ids.

!-- Needs a checking mechanism which does a search to check for returned results.
!-- Otherwise idiots will add alerts on stuff like "a" and receive 1000 alerts an hour.

+- Option to Automagicly alert you when your friends/groups have made new sites.
+-- Or just a list.

@- Alerts page, PM option maybe?


+- Make option for resynch every X loops.

+- Build in advertising options.
+-- Allow people to buy advertising built into the preloader.

!- Hammering out the bugs will allow us to make it an option to play all MP3s through flash.

!- The more I think about this, the more I want to convert the entire site over to PHPTurbine
!-- and do it all through flash. Too bad it's 32 bit only.


+- Get the votebar image script into CVS.

+- Update the site voting mechanism/javascript to use the new voting authentication system.

+- Finish the bot-catching mechanism.
+-- Uses pre-set voting algorithms based on IP/time/vote/referrer and automatically shows the
+-- user a captcha. If the user fails the captcha in X seconds, user gets added to a potential
+-- bot list for moderator review.

+- Change the votebar code so that rather than having to query for every user vote, it batches it at
+-- the end of the page load transparently. Maybe with AJAX (ugh).
!-- Right now, when a logged in user views the front page, they slave db is queried for every votebar
!-- image displayed to check for previous votes. Would be better to keep a session variable array of
!-- all of the currently viewed votebars and then insert a javascript array at the foot of the page to
!-- query for the user votes.



+- Require IP checking option for moderators and above.

+- Add user level "jr admin"
+-- Figure out what access these users should get.


+- Deletion requests should act like kills used to.

!- Tables currently in existence:
!-- site_moderation_queue
!--- Holds site_id, moderation_level (allows assignment to an access group (ie. super mods))
!-- site_moderation_queue_assignments
!--- Allows a single site to be assigned to a single user by another user

+- Tables that need to be created:
+-- site_moderation_queue_status
+--- Needs to contain: site last changed date (would be a copy), number of votes from each user level
+--- for both "since last changed" and "previous to last changed". As well as a flag to tell if the
+--- site a) needs to be moderated, and if so how many of each type of vote it needs.
+--- This seems like a pretty ugly design.

+- "Moderation mode"
+-- The old mod system automatically redirected to the next site in the moderation queue, basically to
+-- infinity, allowing you to skip a single site.
+-- I want to add a small box to the already gigantic remote mod panel that has the following options:
+-- [ ] Moderation Mode
!-- This would keep the moderation panel open and automatically redirect to the next site after a moderation
!-- action was performed.
+-- ( ) Moderate out of my personal queue
+-- ( ) Moderate out of my group's queue
+-- ( ) Moderate out the global queue
!-- This would need some sort of skip setup that actually works in comparison to the way it used to work (or not work)

+- Moderation Queuing Prioritization System

+-- A system run on cron and every time a moderation action is taken.
+-- Takes into account: site reports, site views, sites currently on the front page, creation date, required mod votes, etc.
+-- Updated extremely often: ie, the top queue items will be different every minute.
+-- Needs to be built into the content gatherer for the front page and in the mod remote panel.


+- Ability to assign a "mentor" to moderators or super moderators.
+-- Would allow the mentor to monitor and view all of the people they are in charge of.
+-- As sort of a step above peer watchdogs. User profile would show all of the user's moderation actions.

@- Maybe some nifty graphs of moderator activity.
@-- Tons of information to pull from.

+- Some sort of algorithm that figures out when mods are going against the majority vote a lot.


+- Site moderation log.
!- Created, needs filters and searching.

+- User moderation log.
+-- Needs filters and searching.

+- Moderator access logs.
+-- Needs filters and searching.


+- Site deletion queue system needs to be written, tables designed etc.
+-- Needs to be implemented into the site with a (48 hour?) time for regular user-deleted sites.
+-- Needs abstract class for use around the site

!- User deletion queue:
+- Needs abstract access class for use in code.
+- Needs administrator options:
+-- Force immediate deletion of a site or user.
+-- Remove from queue (with logging and denying reasons)
+-- Ability to ban (ulevel 2) and put an account on hold (for stuff like child pornography, repeat abusive users)
+--- Needs options on front end in login, common, site profiles, user profiles etc.


+- Entire system needs to be written short of DB tables.

+- Implementation built into the front end of the site.

@- Comment deletion options.


@- Not even sure if I should add this feature because I know how spammy it will be, people cry every time they get
@-- a fucking one vote.


+- Needs to be written.


+- Needs to be written


+- Allow super mods to mark an asset NSFW or WS which will retroactively and proactively "auto moderate"
+-- Possibly require either an admin approval or a system that requires retroactive NSFW markings on the
+-- image from the site_moderation_log to figure out if it's a reasonable request.

@- Maybe even attach a field to the asset table that gives it an NSFW rating.

@- Possibly a flag to mark an asset illegal, for animal torture, kiddy porn or serious copyright issues.
@-- Would fire off notifications to mods somehow if a user is uploading illegal content.


@- Some sort of ticket tracking system that would allow grouping of users, deletion requests, sites,
@-- log entries, assets, basically every aspect of the site into a history of actions, comments from
@-- mods etc.

!-- Basically a huge amount of work that may never see the light of day.



!- Ever since YTMND got big, I've literally been getting daily invites to movie screenings,
!-- Release parties in NYC and Hollywood and a number of people asking me to do product reviews.
!-- Since it's obvious I'm never going to get rich off YTMND, I might as well milk it and start
!-- taking people up on these offers.

!-- At the same time I know I don't have the willpower to keep up and maintain any sort of consistent
!-- review rate. So maybe come up with some sort of simple review system for movies/music/hardware/software
!-- and let users take advantage for some of this stuff.


@- Possibly add a really really spammy searches option (at least 5-8 searches a second)
@-- Maybe make a separate "search spy"

@- Possibly add a URL to user-tracking to allow people to see what users are looking at
@-- or doing. (Would require some sort of hard coded logic to tell if people are making
@-- a site, etc)


!- Discussion moved here: http://wiki.ytmnd.com/Weighted_Voting


@- Moderators can give users warning points for various actions that break the TOS.
@-- Warning points have a decay and users will be PM'd/emailed when they get warned.
@-- When a user reaches a certain number of warning points they will have various
@-- actions taken against them:
@-- Inability to vote/private message/site comment/news comment.
@-- Temporary or Permanent Banning from the site.
@-- Points will be given out for actions such as:
@-- Comment spam/inappropriate comments (ie: racial slurs, etc)
@-- Innapropriate content
@-- Obviously this will have to be worked on more by the moderation team.
@-- This would consist of both front end enhancements and admin.ytmnd.com tools.

!- This will give me the ability to hand some of the real moderation (which consumes
!- so much of my time) over to other people.
!- There will obviously need to better checks in place for abuse of power than the current
!- mod setup.


!- If we can get rich people and movie stars to like YTMND as much as most of the users,
!-- then they will be able to donate lots of money and will tell the world how great YTMND is (in theory).