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The YTMND Forums are one of the early forms of communication between YTMNDers. They first opened along with YTMND in 2004. In 2005 they were closed down for a short time, causing some members to create offshoots such as AlmightyLOL. Since its inception, the software used to run the forums has been vBulletin.

The forums are now in the process of being remade into an original script, which will integrate into the main YTMND site. But the the change is controvercial since new rules such as the ban of NSFW topics. It's been proposed that a vBulletin driven forum at YTMNSFW would solve the problem, but it's doubtful it'll happen.

In the past, the YTMND forums were regarded as a notoriously obscene place. Most of the content submitted there features: disturbing pictures, obscene language, and clear cut unacceptable social behavior. This strongly contributed to the forum closure of 2005. Today, many posts may contain racial slurs aswell. They are all ment to be however a joke of sorts. Many Forum-Goer's do not believe in real meaning of the word, and just use it for it's high obscentity and to see many people look in awe. Another forum habit is hating the moderators, admins, and yes, even Max. A popular thing to do on the forums is to call Max a money-laundering jew, faggot jew, and a kike. All of this however, does not apply to the Help and Support forums, only general discussion.

In the temp forum YTMND member would use to mini-raids every day on forums such as crosswalks,flashplayer,etc. Raids are not so common in the current forums.


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