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If something is wrong with YTMND's wiki program, report it here.
:''list things here that prevent certain things from working.''
:''List here errors in the software which makes the Wiki do weird things it isn't supposed, but don't prevent editing or uploading.''
# External images are converted to URLs. I'm not sure if Max intended to do this, or inadertedly changed the setting in the config file.
::It is intentional, but I don't agree with it.... Oh well, go to the [[YTMND:Wishlist|wishlist]] to request changes. -[[User:Mysekurity/sig|Mysekurity]] | [[User talk:Mysekurity|''1'd'']] 19:06, August 6, 2006 (CDT) <small>(oh, and sign your name by using 4 tildes [~]).</small>
[[Category:Wiki|Bug reports]]

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