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If you lack the mental capacity to create an article related to [[YTMND]], you can ask someone to do it for you. Just put your request here, with a link to the YTMND you want us to make an article for. We'll then create it for you... if we feel like it. Also, check out [[Special:Wantedpages|wanted pages]] for an auto-updated page containing all pages that are linked to within YTMND wiki, yet don't exist yet. Be sure to delete the listed article when you've created it.
[[Category:Wiki|Article requests]]
==Add requests here==
===Fads/Popular YTMNDs/Related===
<small>also Small fads, new fads, new YTMND, [[Miscellaneous_fads]]? </small>
*[[JEWS DID...|JEWS DID____]]
*[[Condom Girl]]
*[[Six Flags]]
*[[Stephen Colbert]]
*[[Users involved in forum raids]]
*[[The Price is Right]]
*[[Mortal Kombat]] soundtrack
*[[Loituma]] (spinning leek)
*[[High Voltage]]
*[[Olerris, Ghana's finest forum poster]]
*[[hot baby]] "this baby can take temperatures up to..."
*[[suave]] "i wanna see your pussy" Boombox
*[[preloading logo]]
*[[THOR]]  (Moderator favorite with Spanish Flea in it)
*[[bed bath and beyond]] ?
*[[Hey!]] (chooseunrelatedshitftw.ytmnd.com
*[[Hamster Dance]]
*[[Liar Paradox]]
*[[Blurry red letters]] adding with MS Paint.
*Collection sites for all fad characters with 9+ pages of search results.
*[[a ... ate my ...|a ____ ate my ____]]
*[[Strict YTMND]]
<small>Tutorials about YTMND, help etc.</small>
*[[How to create a repeating background animation]]
*[[best YTMND creators ever]] (can't have a list of worst without a list of best)
*[[worst YTMND creators ever]]
*[[YTMND Quiz]]
*[[What Up & Coming and Worthwile YTMNDs mean]] (I'd suggest that his is included in a page on ytmnd in general, but anyway, it'd be good if this could be added, because it's pretty much impossible for new users to figure out what up & coming means, or what has to happen to your site for it to stay in U&C.)
*[[How to get your YTMND viewed & rated]] I've posted a couple YTMNDS--which I admit were shite--that got a few views and ratings within a couple minutes of being posted, but in the weeks since then, only maybe one or two additional views. (I can understand getting lots of low ratings, but I don't get why they aren't even viewed.) And there are a lot of shite YTMNDs that get featured on the front page. What's the deal with this?  Maybe someone could write an article explaining the mechanics behind what drives traffic to a site.
<small>Wiki help, anything related to the Wiki</small>
*[[Template:Article Considered for Deletion]]

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