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Creator: LifeInGreen
Created on: January 12th, 2006
Sound origin: Kirby 64 - Pop Star
Image origin: Google / Flash

A YTMND showing 32 different YTMND fads getting "Japanized".

Sean Connery becomes Lupin the Thrid Conan becomes Goku Picard becomes Megaman X Supercat becomes Astro Boy Milton becomes Domo-Kun Lindsey Lohan becomes Salior Moon Hitler becomes Mario Josh Ballard becomes Kenshin Gman becomes Naruto Kirk becomes Kaneda Admiral Ackbar becomes Poliwhirl Batman becomes Kurama Wayne Knight becomes Conan Edogawa Doug and Steve Butabi become Edward and Alphonse Elric Ugoff becomes Speed Racer The King becomes the King of All Cosmos Jesus becomes InuYasha David Bowie becomes Sephiroth Willy Wonka becomes Monkey D. Luffy Mullet Man becomes Vash Cosby becomes Ash Ketchum Professor X and Mister Sinister become Doc Louis ans Little Mac

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