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YTMND is a site created for the purpose of furthering the creativity of its users. Its inspiration, You're the man now dog, was founded in 2001 after visionary Max Goldberg saw a commercial for the 2000 film Finding Forrester. Seeing that many people made many spinoffs of this page that he couldn't organize, he created YTMND, a site where anybody can fill out a form and create something similar. Since then, nearly half a million YTMNDs, websites composed of an image/animation, text, and sound, have been made. These sites became the source of many comedic fads as well as a new website community.

As the site progressed, Max needed more support and funding. Throughout the years of YTMND's existence, he has employed donations, advertising, and the like to raise funds for the servers on which YTMND is hosted. As more and more sites are created each day, users increase, and YTMND gains ever more popularity; Max also needs more server space. Most recently, he upgraded to a new server with funds raised with the help of members and advertising. The current number of sites, as of July, 2007 is 464,400 with almost 100,000 more being created each week (although how many YTMNDs are deleted each week shrink this number considerably).

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