X Gon' Giv It To Ya

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X Gon' Giv It To Ya
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Original YTMND:
Ex Gon' Give It To Ya
by Hawkman
November 30, 2005
Used Music:

"X Gonna Give it to Ya" by DMX, accompanied by anything named X or "Ex", sometimes accompanied by pictures of FedEx trucks, packages, and caps.

A fad which spawned from the user Hawkman's site Ex Gon' Give It To Ya, featuring a Fed-Ex van animated to move about much like a lowrider, to the beat of rapper DMX's X Gon' Give It To Ya This humorous YTMND resulted in many spinoffs at the time, most notably user fyrestorm's DMX Delivers. On Time., made just a few days after the original. In this version, DMX is made to drive a Fed-Ex down a road. The YTMND also boasted a longer and better version of the original X Gon' Give It To Ya loop. User Chav-Slayer created Lex Gon' Give It To Ya, featuring a framed image of Lex Luthor as Fed-Ex Employee Of The Month and xXx Gon' Give It To Ya, a GIF slideshow of stills from the film xXx edited to make it appear the film's star Vin Diesel was delivering Fed-Ex packages. Other spinoffs include Megaman (E)X Gon' Give It to Ya, Cats Gon Give It To Ya, Professor X Gon Give It To Ya and Ex Husband Gon Give It To Ya. Unfortunately, the fad died down quickly due to the lack of ideas, though a few sites pop from time to time.

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