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Original YTMND:
Super Mario XP
by Artman40
April 16, 2006
Worthy Spinoffs:

XP is a fad based on the operating system, Windows XP. The image in XP sites often only uses the maximize, restore, minimize, and close buttons found at the top right corner of a Windows XP window, or variations thereof. It is often made to seem like a sprite, often from a game from the 8-bit era. The sound is often music made from sounds and error messages from Windows XP, made to sound like music relating to the image. The first one included Super Mario, but the fad kicked off when the author of the original site made a second XP site featuring Pacman.


In original site, Mario was first walking backwards. When this bug was fixed, a window button with swastika was added on Mario's finger. Later, a hammer and sickle symbol was additionally added.

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