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"Wry" (Spelt W and R with twenty Y's) is a scream associated with the series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and popularized in a Flash video disseminated widely through 4chan. The original video combined Dio Brando's "The World" super move, which could stop time; Dio's "Road Roller", in which he crushed his opponent with a steamroller, and Shadow Dio's "Charisma", in which he screams and sends sparks toward the opponent. Of these, the "Charisma" scream is most prevalent, followed by the "Road Roller" steamroller.

The Animation

The animation (Located here) has five different buttons, each button (when clicked) shows an animation of one stick figure man killing another:

First Shows an orange stick figure being punched rapidly by a ghost like stick figure.

Second Shows the same orange stick figure being attacked by a blue stick figure summoned by the black stick figure. Once the orange stick man is killed, the black stick figure says triumphantly "Ariverderche!"

Third Shows the orange stick figure holding a knife and the black stick figure leaning on the wall. The black stick figure then summons a grey airplane. The airplane shoots at the orange stick figure untill it self-destructs killing the orange stick figure once again.

Fourth Shows the orange stick figure with a gun. As he is about to shoot the black stick figure, a lite blue stick figure appears and starts punching the orange stick figure rapidly. The lite blue stick figure then upper cuts the orange stick man, powers up his fist and then punches the orange stick figure. The orange stick figure then flies into a brick wall. The black stick figure then says an inaudible phrase.

The World The final one. The orange stick man now has a katana. As he is about to swing at the black stick figure a grey stick figure grabs the katana, throws it asside and begins to rapidly punch the orange stick figure. The black stick figure freezes time as the orange stick figure is about to fall. He then throws daggers at the orange stick man. He then unfreezes time.

The orange stick man then looks up as a large steam roller (with the black stick figure standing ontop) lands on him. The black stick figure then throws his arms in the air and triumphantly yells "WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!"