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A Collection of the highest rated What is Love? YTMNDs:

Main and fad-related

Television and film related

Game related

Name Image type Sound type Theme
What is NES Love? c c NES
What is Monkey Island? c v Monkey Island
What is EarthBound? c ? EarthBound
What is StarTropics? c v/e StarTropics
What is Mario Paint Love? c c Mario Paint
What is Castlevania Love? c v Castlevania
Mario Bros: What is Love? c v Super Mario Bros.
What is Love Nintendo? e e Nintendo
What is a barrel roll? e e Barrel Roll (Star Fox)
What is Parappa? e e Parappa the rapper
What is Love - Classic NES for Game Boy e v Game Boy/NES
What is 1st person love? e v Doom
What is Tamagotchi Love? e c Tamagotchi
What is Half-Life? v e Half-Life
What is Half-Life 2? v/c v Half-Life 2
What is Mario? c e Super Mario
What is love Sonic? e e/v Sonic the Hedgehog
What is video game love? c v Video games
What is Katamari? c v Katamari

Music related

Name Image type Sound type Theme
What is Blue? e v
What is Love without Eminem? v e
What is The Rolling Stones? e v
What is Happy Together? e e
What is PopoZao? e e
What is DraguLove? v e
What is Weird Al? v e "Weird Al" Yankovic
What is Ciara? e e


More to come soon!


  • e: An edited version of another
  • c: The asset is custom made by the user
  • v: The taken from a video, movie, song etc.
  • n: No changes from the original.
  • ?: It is uknown how the user made the file

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