We May Be Trapped

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We May Be Trapped
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Original YTMND:
We May Be Trapped  
by LocutusOfBorg 
March 17, 2007  
Worthy spinoffs:

We May Be Trapped is a fad based around a clip taken from the movie "Big Trouble in Little China". In the clip, the character Jack Burton, played by Kurt Russell, is speaking to a group of Chang Sings: "Alright, we're almost out of here. Now from here on, it gets pretty normal; offices, storms, a nice false front." However, when he goes to open the door, there are a bunch of Wing Kong waiting for them; Jack quickly closes the door and remarks, rather obviously, "We may be trapped."

The first site was by LocutusOfBorg and was the complete scene with no edits. Later that day, he uploaded We're really, really trapped, which replaced the Wing Kong with a scene from "The Matrix". A few days later, he posted Kurt Russell's Last Trap, which incorporated a scene from "Die Hard". Other sites replace the Wing Kong with other things.

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