We Didn't Start This Website!

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We Didn't Start This Website!
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Creator: NeoMatrixClt
Created on: 02/06/07
Sound origin: We Didn't Start the Fire w/ edits
Image origin: YTMND Fad Sites

“We Didn't Start This Website!” is a fad conglomeration sung to the tune of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start The Fire". While it has earned many accolades, it is also despised among many "Forgot Poland Army" members. This may be because they misunderstand the history and intent of this site. So here goes...

Back in July of 2006, moheevi drunkenly stumbled into YTMND Ventrilo and used his mod power to drag all of the site regulars into his room. This included MasterSitsu, boomaga, NuclearBastard, NeoMatrixClt, and many others. His idea: to create the greatest YTMND compilation ever! Originally, this was the idea: http://moheevisidea.ytmnd.com/

Later on, they decided to put their creative powers together (boomaga's voice, Sitsu's image editing, Neo's lyrical abilities, moheevi's randomness, and anyone else who wanted to contribute. And so began, the YTMND: Omega Project.

They were thinking of songs they could use to sing about the site. One idea was "Clint Eastwood" by Gorillaz, and another was Snoop Dogg's "Jin and Juice". They settled on Billy Joel's "We didn't start the fire", because he was naming off fads/events of HIS era in the song. To get the ball rolling, NuclearBastard found an instrumental version of the song, so now it was Neo's turn.

Neo first went to the ytmnd wiki (here) and gathered as many fads as he could. Then, he spent the next few weeks comparing the original song and trying to match them up to the fads. Also was the issue of rhyming. Surprisingly, not many of the fads rhymed, so he had to get creative.

Finally, all the verses up until "People raiding ebaum" were done. It was time to get a singer. Many people were sought out for the job such as Bupo and billysk8r. Eventually, they bailed out, and so did the rest of the "originators". Neo then decided to take the project on himself. He finished a few more lines of lyrics and sang it (tone-deaf). He then presented it to Ventrilo shortly after the e0n8 fisaco. It was seen as "creative, yet tone deaf".

Neo decided to wait until his "singers" were available to work on the project, but the months passed by, and more and more fads were created, requiring updates, and making it harder to make rhymes. It became sort of an "in-joke" on the YTMND Ventrilo as "We didn't finish this website". So, once his "New Years Eve Premiere" deadline passed, Neo gave up. The "Omega Project" was dead.

Skip forward to January 18th, 2007: Feedrosie, a YTMND enthusiast had just finished making a site with Neo called "Mac vs. PC" It recieved such high reviews that the duo decided to work on another project. After they scrapped the idea for a sequel, Neo remembered the Omega Project, but lamented that he didn't have anyone to sing it. Feedrosie then informed him that HE could sing it, and sent Neo a demo recording. The Omega Project was back on.

Originally, it was going to be a duo with both Neo and Feedrosie singing, but Neo's voice was considered "detrimental" to the success of the site. Once the lyrics were finalized, the grueling task of looking up over 100 fad images and cropping them into a .gif was put in Feedrosie's hands. He spent 6 straight hours the day before it premiered to get it perfect. There were sync/size issues that spanned right up until an hour before the site went live. For instance, the full 4:30 song was impossible to fit on the site, so huge amounts of possible lyrics were left out, as well as intended amimations/effects.

Neo's personal opinion of the site is this: - "I wanted to do sort of a YTMND Anthem, but also a way to say 'This is how far we've come; now let's work on moving forward with something new.'"

The site currently holds the number one position as top rated YTMND of all time, as it surpassed New Talent on 60 Minutes.


Harry Potter Domo-kun
Ridge Racer Sailor Moon
Stephen Colbert Captain Picard
Attack of the Show
Technologic Curb Stomp
New Orleans and Falling Thwomp
Bell Peppers Brian Peppers
MySpace is Emo

Captain Kirk Oh Snap!
Bill Cosby It's a Trap!
Connery O RLY?
Katamari Damacy
Cuppycake Gumdrops
Spinnas never gonna stop
Butterfinger Lex Luthor
Screw you, Scientology!

We didn't start this website
It was always twisted since the site existed
We didn't start this website
No we didn't code it but we're gonna vote it

Had one weakness Third Reich
Zelda Nigga stole my bike!
Linsdsay Lohan Sonic Hassan
JoshCube Happy n00b
Internet's a big tube
Hax Max Horsedick
Stapler Tiny Tim
What is Love? Dew Army
Safety isn't guaranteed
VinnyWeapons Cloudsong
MasterSitsu Donkey Kong
Conan Cyberman
Asiacopter G-Man
Dschinghis Khan Pokemon
People rading EBaum

We didn't start this website
Though we didn't start it it may look retarded
We didn't start this website
No we're not the smartest but we're still called artists

Willy Wonka
Didn't say the magic word
Best Day Ever Michael Moore
Holy crap, a Dinosaur!
Spiderman Barrel Roll
Batman Stares into your soul
Had it with these F'in snakes
Punch the keys for god's sakes!

Darth Vader Bill Nye
Razor Gator Homer Pi
LazyTown Gay Fuel pride
Syncan's gonna Break my stride
Eon8 Soylent Green
Blue wreckin' ball machine
Shoe on Head Violin
Stingray killed Steve Irwin!

We didn't start this website
Though we didn't start it it may look retarded
We didn't start this website
No we're not the smartest but we're still called artists

PS3 versus Wii
64 and DBZ
Russia Ha ha
World of Warcraft drama
Finding Nemo Seagulls
Chunk is indestructible

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