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December 4, 2005
Avg. site rating: ***
Avg. vote rate: ***** of July 7, 2006
Notable Sites:

I'm TTE. I've been at YTMND for around eight months now. I'm what you'd call a Wiki-addict, I love editing these things.

One might describe me as an upvoter, but I basically rate based upon the site's merit. If I think a site's funny and deserves to be seen, I give it a five. Though I hardly give ones, I will give them if the YTMND doesn't show effort, and will give somewhere in between depending on if the YTMND deserves more encouragement or not.

I'm also actve in the continuing war against eBaum over at the EBWS forums. You'll be able to find me.

Oh, and if you need to bother me or something, go on and PM me over at the main site. I can give out advice in the form of Sonic... That's gotta be my favorite fad.