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(Favorite Fads)
(Favorite Fads)
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*Homer Tells It Like It Is
*Homer Tells It Like It Is
*Sites with music by the Beastie Boys, SOAD, and BoC
*Sites with music by the Beastie Boys, SOAD, and BoC (Boards of Canada, not Blue Oyster Cult)
*[[Age 9]]
*[[Age 9]]
*[[...Will eat your soul]]
*[[...Will eat your soul]]

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Yarr. I be Stmp. And I'm finally able to make YTMNDs! Here's my first. I need help since almost all of them are shit. I don't really know how to make these.


Sorry. Was on a really long hiatus. I'm not going to log back on to the main site but I'll continue to use the wiki.

Projects I thought of doing


This would be another universe wherein I take fads with songs that Weird Al Yankovic parodied (like "Hammer Time" and "Ridin' Dirty") and replace the music with Weird Al's parody. I also plan on giving the WEIRDALTMNDs a watermark that had a light blue background, Weird Al's head and "WEIRDALTMND". If the site I'm parodying has a gif, I'll have to make it a .jpg since I can't create gifs. Well, not animated ones, that sucks. People who can make gifs even if they're total pieces of shit are better then me.

Then it was too late

A fad I thought of starting inspired from http://itstoolate.ytmnd.com/ <(not for the faint at heart, or the faint at butt) where I take characters staring through the window in the For the last time YTMNDs and instead have them right up at you. The joke is that the thing, no matter what it was, was at the window. It was just there at first but then you just kept staring at it in fear. After lots of staring...IT GOT IN!!! You'll probably wish it was just a nightmare if it really happened. Hell, the YTMNDs will probably give you some. This is the fad sound. And if you ask me, it's more creepy then "The Darkness That Lurks In Our Minds". The fad music to be used was made by Kacen's Norwegian friend Cycerin who also has an account but unfortunately no sites.


Inspired by http://fastmndcosbypokemon.ytmnd.com/ this involves the image being blurred as if it were running really fast to the right. My first shall have a watermark and it hopefully won't be sucky like Kacen's.


Started by PsychoCola with http://adgiftmnd.ytmnd.com/ I basically just copy a YTMND and give it the "Ad gif" watermark.


Simple and a little blatant. I take a fad starter, keep the sound but change the image to another of the same subject. Watermark included.

YTMND related projects

PTKFGS: The Soundtrack Volume ∞

So yeah. I thought of making (not really) a fake PTKFGS version of the YTMND Soundtrack. Some of the songs are already on the YTMND Soundtrack but here's the listing:

Artist Song PTKFGS of Example
01 PTKFGS Intro to Soundtrack YTMND What could have been...
02 Max Coveri Golden Age Lol, internet omg, internet
03 t.A.T.u. All The Things She Said OMG, SN... OMG, secret Communist Forest
04 Dondrei Sp*c Stole My Bike, Punchout Remix! NSMB Sp*c stole my bike!
05 Daft Punk Da Funk O RLY? R U SHUR?
06 Finntroll Jaktens Tid Ualuealuealeuale The Incredible Hulk: Layaloleylaloolaleyaloo
07 www.ancientnile.co.uk Temple Dance Medieval Ancient Egyptian PTKFGS
08 Boney M Rasputin Moskau Rasputin
09 Howard Jones What Is Love What is Love!? What is love?
10 Damon Pee Wee's Right to Censor Muhammad Hassan interruptions Pee-Wee gets RTCd
11 System Of A Down She's Like Heroin Meth Ray Charles Did Heroin and All He Got Was a Platinum
12 Ren & Stimpy Happy Happy Joy Joy Emo Song The Happy Joy Song
13 Franz Ferdinand Do You Want To Sony PSP It's not a defect, it's a DS!
14 Rage Against the Machine How I Could Just Kill a Man ¡ Revolución ! ¿ Hogface ?
15 T3hJayeek Mario Sez... Sonic Gives Advice Mario gives advice
16 Weird Al Yankovic Dog Eat Dog Stapler PTKFGS Stapler
17 Blast Wind Ultimate Destroyer I love bell peppers! I love green apples! (Updated music)
18 Judas Priest You've Got Another Thing Comin Safety Not Guaranteed Security not Ensured
19 Fredtyler Alvin Sings! Darth Vader Sings! deleted
20 Bushman No One Else NEDM Not Even Epic Music!

Favorite Fads


See ya. Hope ya have stuff to say. If you do, you know where to stick. K? Thx, bye.