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Jump to: navigation, search A picture of Reno, from FF7. This is where the YTMND Reno gets his namesake from, and this is a common avatar he uses.


Reno is often compared to such notable figures as Michael Wolfson and Joshcube because of his occasional annoying personality. He has not joined their status because he never crosses the line, and knows when to quit. He joined the YTMND community in August 2005 as a forum user. He has made no notable YTMND's and is not known as a "downvoter" or "upvoter" and rarely makes votes. He has been banned and unbanned from the forums and YTMND Vent numerous times. He is no longer active on the forums because according to him, "All the good users went to XYTMND". After the forums were remade, he did not rejoin and instead chose to pursue the YTMND Vent.

During his time on the forums, he existed as a troll, albeit it's hard to troll the YTMND forums. He pissed off numerous users, including Karcist Spires, Ewokmyweewok, Doc, Jackmullen, Walking Target, SpiegalPwns, and Aire. He was notorious for making "fake names" such as Natalee Holloway, CJAYC, and other famous people. This eventually got him banned, but because of his dynamic IP he was never fully banned. He always came back. Once the forums "Golden Age" ended, he and numerous others were left abandoned.

Because of a mixup involving Michael Wolfson and the ALOL Teamspeak, Michael Wolfson was believed to have been Reno, and therefore when Reno rejoined the vent, he had trouble convincing others he was not Michael Wolfson. He joined the Vent in Febuary and has been one of the longest standing members, but has yet to achieve even mod status. He has only been subnet banned once, from the weeks of June 11 to July 1.On the vent, he is credited with starting the fad of reading a movie script or television script, which began when he suggested that they read the "Toy Story" script. He is also constantly mocked because of his high-pitched voice and a running joke is to mock him for not hitting puberty yet.

Reno has constantly said that he is either hated or loved, and in most cases hated. Because a list of all those who hate him would require too much bandwith, instead, we provide a list of users who find Reno funny at least half of the time.

  • Inkdrinker- One of Inkdrinker's outside contacts, everyone is amazed they get along so well.
  • Arsekicker- Reno supposedly finds him humorous.
  • xxWaspxx- "Like Bread and Butter"
  • Michael Wolfson- Michael Wolfson once said that Reno was his brother.
  • Joshcube- Joshcube believed Reno to be one of his few friends, but he was being led on.

Currently, Reno is a hollow shell of a man and spends his time creating YTMND wiki's that will never be read, but instead mocked and edited. Reno realizes this and accepts his fate.