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July 24, 2005
Avg. site rating: ****
Avg. vote rate: **** of Aug. 26, 2006
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Originally a constant YTMND site maker, but has recently became a Ventite, and his site making has declined, Rckbikes is an awesome dood.

He has also been told he looks like the character Kurt from Good Burger.

He has many ways to pronounce his name, being rckbikes, rck, rc, rickbikes, rockbikes, errkbikes, etc etc


  • He is 18.
  • He lives in Fresno, California.
  • He worships Bruce Campbell.
  • He is on mostly at night.
  • He works at Hollywood Video.
  • Usually tells short stories about times he masturbated.


Rckbikes was born into a wealthy family, but was abandoned due to an oracle telling Rck's father that he would be murdered by his own son. His father threw him down the well, but rck eventually shimmied his way out. He was then raised by a pack of wolves and learned the ways of the force to eventually become the only Highlander. But this fame ended however, when he discovered YTMND.

Hall of Fame

Rck created the MAX IS THE MAN NOW DOG out of pure laziness, and never really meant for it to be good.

Favorite Things

Rck loves very few things, and those he does own he often mentions as much as he can.

  • His 3 Signatures of Bruce Campbell, which he often shows off on stickam
  • His signed Pulp Fiction script by Travolta, Tarantino, Jackson, Rhames, Roth, and Thurman.
  • His tongue; which is .3 inches from the worlds longest tongue.


Rck often frequents the Stickams of Ventites and makes faces, but usually ends up fapping to the other webcams.

User Deletion

In response to a comment he left on the YTMNEWS, rck posted "BAD CODING AND GREY GOOSE," resulting in his account being set for deletion. He lol'd and is now known as "dickbikes"