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Original YTMND:
ptkfgsmaster2maryo for mod
by ptkfgsmaster2maryo
March 15, 2007
Worthy Spinoffs:
Ptkfgsmaster2maryo's real name is Derek Cur.........tis. He submitted a YTMND ( trying to convince users to elect him for a Super Mod position. This YTMND had received a $30 sponsorship from "anonymous" and was at the top of the "Sponsorships This Week" list, drawing much attention to itself and gaining it over 20,000 views. Most of the YTMND users who have commented on Derek's site believe that he sponsored his own site to help his campaign. Most users downvoted his site, largely because Derek was trying to run for super mod at 12, the image was of his ugly mug, the audio of his voice that he used was poorly recorded and edited, and he sponsored his own site.

It should be noted that his name comes from a site by member Iambatman, which in return is a parody of spammer Lord1Lonic's username.

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