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Prairiedogeric10 is a YTMND user and is the creator of the first of the BINGO fads. He was first introduced to YTMND in early December of 2005. He officially became a member on March 5, 2006. His most successful sites include 50 State Bingo, The Official YTMND 1st, 2nd, 3rd... List, and Count the mistakes.

Please, someone who knows what they are doing, make this page look nice by adding a picture of the prairie dog from my site, And do the thing on the side where it shows my First Site, highest rated site, average site rating, average vote, etc. Also, I want to make a FAV users list. If someone could get the *FAV* icon on the page, I'll do the rest. PM me if you plan on editing this page so I can thank you. And if you're not a ytmnd member or can't PM, just edit it.