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{{YTMNDer Detailed|name=Prairiedogeric10
{{YTMNDer Detailed|name=Prairiedogeric10
|firstSiteCaption=Michael Jackson in Jail
|firstSiteCaption=Michael Jackson in Jail

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Michael Jackson in Jail, created March 5, 2006
March 5, 2006
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...as of July 8, 2007
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Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.

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I was first introduced to YTMND in early December of 2005. I officially became a member on March 5, 2006 and started making my own sites. They never really made it big, until I made Count the mistakes. This site is simply just the words, "There is three errers in this sentence." I'll let it be up to you to find the mistakes. Anyway, it got lots of votes and comments when I posted it on May 30, 2006. Big name users like Syncan and Boomaga 5'd it and left a comment and I couldn't wait to see how many views it was going to have by the next day. But when I logged onto YTMND the next day, I was shocked to find that it was deleted, along with 400,000 other sites and users, by Max. I reposted it, but it never did become what it had the previous day.

The BINGO fad

In late July 2006, I was desperate to make a site that would catch a lot of attention and get lots of comments. Inspired by Max's site, YTMND Users are.., I created The Official YTMND 1st, 2nd, 3rd... List. Users would leave a comment and get their name posted next to a number in the YTMND (1-200). It was an instant hit and it filled up right away. I then made Offical YTMND 1st, 2nd, 3rd List Continued (201-400) and The Extra List of Users for those I couldn't fit into the first site (I still don't know how to make an animated GIF). Those sites are still available for commenting if anyone is interested.

Then, on July 30, 2006, I made 50 State BINGO, a site similar to my List sites. It was a picture of a blank United States map and users could pick a state, region, or body of water that they wanted their name on (it got a little out of hand when people began making up places and requesting other countries). That too became an instant hit and, unintentionally, it became a fad. Users began making their own "BINGO" sites using things like the Solar System, the human body, the YTMND frontpage, the World, etc. By the next day, my site got as high as #20 on the top viewed list (that I knew of), and a few other "BINGO" sites were above it. The fad only lasted a few days before dying out.

The Lists and the BINGO sites are basically the same thing. I got the idea to call it "BINGO" from Where's George?, a site where people can track where their American currency goes. People can enter a dollar bill's serial number and series on the site and tell where the bill is located. They then spend the bill and see if someone else will reenter it. They do this by either stamping or writing the web site on the bills for a better chance of someone reentering them. Some people try to get at least one bill reentered in each state and if they do, they call it a "BINGO". They don't get anything for it, it's all just for fun. I am a member, if anyone cares.

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