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Join date
June 2006
Avg. site rating: ****
Avg. vote rate: **** of unknown
Notable Sites:

Pizzaguylol has been coming to YTMND since the initial inception of its current form (ie, more than just the original YTMND of Sean Connery). His first site (They Spinnin) gained some fame and a mod favorite. His second site, Showering with Chun-Li, became the top rated and top viewed on the top 15 simultaneously within less than 24 hours of its creation.

  • Pizzaguylol deleted all of his YTMNDs in early 2006 but soon remade a few of them, along with some more originals. He deleted these original sites due to a case of cyberstalking.

They Spinnin Nigga, they Spinnin! - Pizzaguylol's most famous and arguably best site. Also, the first YTMND he had ever made.

  • Has his own channel on YTMND Ventrilo.
  • Sworn enemy of MichaelWolfson.
  • Called up Wolfson's father at his job, asking if Michael was around, and broadcast the convo over vent.
  • On Aug. 24th, there was a heated battle with Micael Wolfson, after he ear raped people on ventrilo in Pizzaguy's channel. This caused a mod battle with Eekdacat resulting in a suspension(termination?) of eek's mod status after he booted Pizzaguy from his own channel.