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Date of first site
unknown, created unknown date
August 5th, 2005
Avg. site rating: ****
Avg. vote rate: ****
...as of November 20, 2006
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Hi, I am not a douche. I make sites because It is a great creative outlet for me. I believe in upping the ante everytime I make a site. It's fun to make sirry sites that make ppl laff.

Pissing my life away

It takes around 3 days to complete a site, because I plan each one for a while before I engage in the project, *Except for Color Me YTMND which took over 3 weeks to complete. I come up with the ideas for my ytmnd's randomly, or when I'm watching a movie and I see something that would be fun to edit. I use a Wacom tablet with stylus to extract characters from their background. I use a host of different computer programs to complete my things.

*Macintosh G4 Dual 1 GHz (2003 Dual Mirror drive) has 1.75 GB of RAM. 
*Adobe Photoshop CS2
*Adobe After Effects 6.5 Professional
*Quicktime 7 Pro
*Adobe Imageready CS2
*Apple iTunes


OMG so what, you have a PC I have a mac..since Im not a L337 Haxxor I dont need to do anything special with my computer except design cool stuff. So keep thinking you're part of some club that hates on mac users I really don't give a shit.

The Future

I think this site is awesome and I have met interesting people on it too. I don't think I will ever 'quit', because I only make a site a month, and I'll just do this off and on until the apocalypse.

I quit

I quit earlier this year when max hacked his site and made everything a little gayer. I really enjoyed the simplicity of the previous ytmnd layout from late 2005 thru August 2006 (the white and grey layout). But then I returned after I took some PMS pills and calmed down.

Current YTMND Career

I started my YTMND career back in early 2006, but I've been a member for over a year. I honestly didn't know how to make ytmnd's in the begining. I didn't even understand what those little NWS and WS buttons meant, back then I thought they specified user favorites or something. So I made a site in early January about Meet Joe Black being hit by those cars from that movie, and there was a Labyrinth worm warning him not to go that way, but It didnt sync and it sucked, but that was first ytmnd. So now I am trying to branch into more creative enterprises that approach sites from different ways. I want to incorporate more of my hand drawn images and even animation in the future.

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