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Mr-Cheater, A well known ZDaemon Player, he was the only YTMNDer who played ZDameon during the YTMND ZDaemon clan fad back when fyrestorm was playing ZDaemon as well, Although he is total power hunger retard on the entire internet. He was on the YTMND ventrilo server before he killed it because of dislikness of the community when he donated money for admin. He is Canadian and he failed at YTMND. For those who don't like to read this page, he's really much a retarded trolled who bitches when he's banned whenever he talks about his failed trolling stories.

Join date
August 31, 2005
March 29, 1990
Avg. site rating: ***
Avg. vote rate: **** of Monday, November 24, 2008
Notable Sites:

Mr-Cheater & Ventrilo

In time when Mr-Cheater has come on, sometimes he'll be hyper and doesn't know what he is doing, so you'll see that he'll get G muted sometimes, As of fall of 08, he is one of the most hated people in YTMND vent.

Other YTMNDongs vent Information

So far the only things you can hear from Mr-Cheater is him laughing or saying "I lol'd", reason why he doesn't talk a lot because he hates to interrupts anyone talking, so he only talks when no one is.

On March 27, 2008. Mr-Cheater almost got banned for good for saying following in a channel where a YTMNDvent mod was in the channel named SpaZMaN.

"Why does SpaZMaN sounds like Wolfson?"

After that Chuck(Who didn't say it) got banned and SpaZMaN didn't know it was Cheater until he ban him, few minutes later both Chuck and Cheater was unbanned.

On May 21th, 2008: Mr-Cheater donated money to get three months of mods in main chats, doom gaming channel, his own channel also getting Dr.Acid to have DFF(Dumb Fuckin Faggot) user tag. his first day of being mod is a little abusive but he's cooling it down after banning a guest, abusing the guest and banning Raggy Doll for yelling into his mic.

On October 29th, 2008: Mr-Cheater donated to get a month of admin, once everyone realize it was the day, 95% of the community moved to alextide32's flying lobsters ventrilo account so they can't be abused my Mr-Cheater.

After that day the server slowly dies and Mr-Cheater was never seen on a ventrilo server again until towards the end of A Series of Tubes, and now he can be found on Ten Mile Rock from then he stop caring about vent communities.

Mr-Cheater & ZDaemon

Dr-L337 Account

On April 8th 2007, Mr-Cheater made a DR-L337 account on Zdaemon and post the pass on the YTMND Vent, this account is allow to use to all YTMNDers that want to use it. The account got hacked and never been used again.

Qutting Time

Mr-Cheater Been quitting, dying, and other stuff. So far his last leaving was his real leaving, so far he still go on Zdaemon, people ask him and no one why?, He no longer uses Mr-Cheater account on ZDaemon anymore. Mr-Cheater stops using his nick though he tills stays on ZDaemon but not out in the public anymore. Now he takes refuge back to YTMND Community, where he deserve the respect that he needed. But as a crack head going to rehab, he came back as a new nick named "Lupin_The_3rd", He can be found on the ZDIRC in the #NS channel. After April 09, 2008 he was never to be found again. He was found a few days later in a channel called #teenage. As of Fall of '08, there was been less signs of Mr-Cheater on ZDaemon.


Lupin_The_3rd(Or Mr-Cheater) was named "Chief Of IRC Moderation" in a ZDaemon clan channel called the New Skoolers (#NS) at the being of the time, it was getting no chats until a cocky asshole named Godlike joined the clan, when he joined the channel was getting little chats up in till the ZDIRC was attack and was changed to Echo34, Godlike was annoyed with Mr-Cheater's bans, when the channel got a lot of chats and a supreme asshole named Xenaero(or DD) enter the clan, all hell broke loose in the channel when Mr-Cheater became Hitler(UBER wanting powers) with the channel, banning/kicking/muting whoever he please, when Godlike, Mikehail, Fastidious and Xenaero had it, they banned Mr-Cheater many times, removing his access rights, Akicking him and degrading his life, when JKist(Leader of the Clan) and Mr-Cheater had with them, JKist kill the channel and Mr-Cheater banned everyone in the channel because he was pissed off, after the channel got killed Godlike was so pissed off that he almost quited the clan, the day after that everything was calm, Xenaero never came back because he hated how Mr-Cheater was acting when he had mods, Mikehail left with Xenaero after the channel was killed. Mr-Cheater stops using his opping powers, but if he needs to and as for the channel no one knows but JKist, he is the fate of the channel now. After a few days the channel became more claim then it was however the channel lost a majority members moving to the OFTC server channel and no one never to be opped in the channel again. furthering more after the whole mess Mr-Cheater as cause about 3 members left NS a few regulars of the channel never returned and Mr-Cheater doesn't stay for long in the channel, the channel is now been useless.


Mr-Cheater is banned on November 4th 2008 for promoting COOP trolling and taken part of COOP trolling, but the ban saids otherwise:

99.249.*.*#Mr. Cheater: terminally retarded

The ban was named because of Mr-Cheater because "Half Retarded", but as you can see here[1], This made Mr-Cheater lol'd at the whole thing.

Mr-Cheater & Skulltag

Mr-Cheater has a long line of bans in the skulltag IRC due because all he does is troll people and pissed them off, because of that he was bannedon the forums. Back than he made a bad story story about a well-respected channel op[2], the joke was full of failed that they banned him from the forums, after this happen he flooded the channel saying "Free Mr-Cheater" after that they were tried of this retarded faggotry. After when everyone was unbanned and reformed there moderation, Mr-Cheater still trolls and pisses everyone off because how retarded he was. Sometime ago he spammed all doom channels in OFTC after getting banned from following the pumpers way and pump art into channels, he was able to make the oppers know that this will never stop until the channels were killed. Effects of the massive killed has not yet happen but Mr-Cheater would stike again if they don't killed the communiy off.

Links about Mr-Cheater

(IRC Log) Someone taken over one of Mr-Cheater channels and this is what Mr-Cheater had to say.

(Forums Post) Someone hacked Mr-Cheater alias forums account and posted this to get back to the ZDaemon community, after that he is never allow on the forums again.[WARNING!!! THIS LINK IS HIGHLY NSFW!!]

(Web page) He wanted to make a secret ZDaemon clan, then one of the members show this to the whole community after that he disbanded the clan.

(YTMND site)There is a record interview of Mr-Cheater about his sex life and it was posted it on, although Mr-Cheater rep in the YTMND community was never damage after that link was posted in the YTMMND vent/IRC channels.

(Website)Mr-Cheater's COOP trolling gang, this website was only thing that got him banned in ZDaemon.

(Forum Thread) Mr-Cheater's ban thread on Skulltag.

(Forum Thread)A thread about Mr-Cheater's latest attack and how he was able to get the oppers on his side and attempting to killed off the community.

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