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Avg. vote rate: **** of 8/13/06
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Done making ytmnd's since it seems that I am doomed to get evenged every 3 seconds for having an opinion so be it. I'll vote and comment but I'm done making these things peace - MarcusTheMartin

I'm MarcusTheMartin I've made 24 ytmnd's (and 4 that aren't included in the total due to my descision to delete them)

Now Ever since I made the Rude Kitty YTMND I try to avoid "Fad Music" and make Informative YTMND's

Some of you may have seen this comment "Welcome to YTMND your probably wondering why your site is getting low votes. Please Consult this link" Well that is my generic welcome to YTMND and never make a site with anything listed in this image again.

The rating of the justified downvoting site will waver due to angry users and supportive users (obviously)

Also I'm black y'all, and I'm black y'all, and I'm blacker than black, and I'm black y'all.

I'm blickedy black blacker than black, black I'm blacker than black, yo! Because I'm black and I'm BACK!

Yo, I'm black and I'm black, y'all, and I'm blacker than black and I'm black y'all. I'm black black black black black black black black black and I'm black, and I'm black because I'm BACK!"

Marcus For YTMND Mod*

Death to all personal sites

Recycled Gifs will be a thing of the past

Down voters**, Up voters, and Mid voters neutralized

All Sites with low 2 ratings shall be killed and feel my wrath!

Images stolen off of mass media sites shall be a thing of the past

Any one who makes a santabot,Smarter Child, Or Google fight site will be assasinated

  • It is unlikely to happen but hey I can give it a shot lol

Voting Habits

I usually end up voting 1,4, or 5 (sometimes 2) why? because I am the user who will view the recently created YTMND's that are either really good or reaaaaaaaaaaaly bad the 4's and 5's also get sent to the Up and comming and other top ranked sites

I give a lot of 4's

Work Cited Section

For The END of NEDM

Cliff Image Source

Apocolyptic City Image Source

Billboard Image Source

Chapstick Image Source

Fantasia alla marcia for piano, chorus and orchestra Kingdom Hearts II Original OST

My Drawing

And a masked version of Rude Kitty

For Almost Subliminal N*gg*

Worst YTMND of All Time