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HeatherChandler has impeccable taste. HeatherChandler has a BA in English and drunked out of law school halfway in, which still makes her better than you. HeatherChandler is now a practicing Attorney at LOL. HeatherChandler is the arbiter of taste in her hometown. HeatherChandler is probably teh hottest chick on YTMND but doesn't get all snooty about it. HeatherChandler enjoys Wes Anderson, Doctor Who, George Romero, Bruce Campbell, Michel Gondry, indie rock, any and all forms of reanimated life, Sam Rockwell, and her cat. HeatherChandler has a tiny internet addiction only curbed by mass consumption of alcohol. HeatherChandler is strict but fair. HeatherChandler is always, always drunk, usually stoned, and occasionally so... caffeinated that even YTMND cannot hold her attention. HeatherChandler has n00dz but you can't see them. HeatherChandler watches way too much television and has a soft spot for the downtrodden geeks of the world, but only if they are hot pix plz. HeatherChandler is 23 and that makes her way too old for you, so stop fapping you little munchkin freaks.

HeatherChandler likes to be fucked gently with chainsaws.

HeatherChandler always remembers Polend, and knows the real identity of Dr-L337, because she totally fucked him with the azn chick one night. HeatherChandler's favorite sound is the 3500Hz square wave.

HeatherChandler gained a modicum of notoriety as the "Sexy Truck" spammer on several religious YTMNDs. Rather than spamming profanity, she preferred to spam absurdity in an attempt to force people to stop arguing. Unfortunately, she totally failed. She later made a site during the brief "Comment Contest" fad that promised a picture of her "sugar tits" if people commented. Fellow FPA'er BTape posted a Top 15 tribute site to HeatherChandler because OMG SHE IS HAWT HAVE U N00DZ? hanktherapper has also made a tribute site to the hawtness of HeatherChandler. There are currently two search results on YTMND with the keyword "HeatherChandler". There are only eight results on google for that name so I guess HeatherChandler has won the internets.

HeatherChandler had one crazy day in the BTVOTDTMND alternate universe, made up of classic sites of clips from the Russ Meyer's movie "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls." Instead of raging all the male users, the sites ended up being funny and popular. HeatherChandler's next universe, OCTMND, is expected to do the trick.

You can now join the Stalking HeatherChandler group, meetings are wherever HeatherChandler is.

ONCE AGAIN unlike fanfare, who has a dick, I am the only real girl on the internets. ALL OF THEM.

Rainbowgaytmnd.gif This user is FABULOUS!

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