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=={{link|ytmnd-soundtrack-vol16|Volume 16}}==
=={{link|ytmnd-soundtrack-vol16|Volume 16}}==
On June 8, 2007, Volume 16 was released. Featured on the cover is [[Batman]].
[[Image:01 frontcovervol16.jpg|100px]]
[[Image:01 frontcovervol16.jpg|100px]]

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Volume 16

On June 8, 2007, Volume 16 was released. Featured on the cover is Batman.

01 frontcovervol16.jpg

Artist Song Fad Example
01 YTMND Intro To Volume Sixteen
02 Freezepop Gem Outrageous Arnold is Outrageous!
03 Tempest Acidjazzed Evening Stephanie Apple Jazzed Evening
04 Muse Map of the Problematique finalstaringcontest|Final Staring Contest (For The Fate Of The Internets!)}}
05 Paul Johnson Get Get Down (Original Extended Mix) cosbydowners
06 Apoptygma Berzerk Kathy's Song (Ferry Corsten Remix Edit) The Vote Spread Equalizer
07 Shiki Air The Ultimate Race for Top Place
08 detalub0 B.Y.O.N.E.S. (NES Of A Down Extended Mix) NES of a Down
09 Avril Lanvigne Girlfriend Night of the Unicorns Avril Loop for max (love the ads btw)
10 Edvard Grieg Morning Mood
11 Hans Zimmer The Kraken HISTORYTMND HISTORYTMND: Garden of Eden Chat
12 David Wise Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest - Lockjaw's Saga Davy Jones wants the coin
13 Gustav Holst Mars, The Bringer of War SHOCKING CATS
14 Bomani D'mite Armah Read A Book READ A BOOK NIGGA
15 Bee Gees Stayin' Alive
16 Huey Lewis And The News The Power Of Love Peter is a ladies man
17 Trey Parker I'm So Ronrey
18 The B-52's The Love Shack
19 Sonic Mayhem Quad Mayhem Quake II Gets Philosophical