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HallwayGiant is your basic lurker type whose 'talent' lies in keeping himself busy with the YTMND wiki. He is a user who has been on YMNDT for a while (late 2004 or so) but has simply watched the fads come and go and not much else frankly. His only goal at this point is to clean up this damn wiki and maybe make it somewhat presentable (as completely impossible as that is).

While it could be argued that by being a lurker he's barely important enough to have his own YTMND wiki User page Raptor Jesus was in a relatively good mood that fateful day so...

Got a problem with a edit of mine? Or just wanna bitch? Take it to the talk page.

No! Actually, go play in the sandbox and get out some of that faggotry.

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September 15, 2005
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