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Fyrestorm is the YTMNDer responsible for creating the YTMND soundtrack. Fyrestorm has also risen to several positions of authority; he is:

  • A moderator on the YTMND Main Site.
  • Operator on efnet's #ytmnd
  • First sysop/moderator of the YTMND Wiki.
  • A DJ on YTMND Radio.
  • A moderator on the forums.
  • Owner/administrator of the YTMND Ventrilo server.

New York City, 2006

On the week of June 18th, 2006, Jin and Fyrestorm have gone on a trip to New York City that involved going to the Church of Scientology to put a shoe on the book, "Dianetics", by L. Ron Hubbard. They have taken various pictures and videos of their trip and distributed it over ventrilo.

fyrestorm has a YTMND profile
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YTMND Public Relations

Fyrestorm has met YTMNDers.

  • Jin
  • Koryoko
  • EvilVin
  • Inkydude
  • Cheekygirl
  • Feedrosie
  • Schlomo
  • Athina

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