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[[Category:Notable YTMNDers]]

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August 1, 2005
August 19, 1985
Avg. site rating: *
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...as of unknown
Notable Sites:

Fyrestorm is the YTMNDer responsible for creating the YTMND soundtrack and for impregnating your mother.

Community Relations

Fyrestorm has risen to several positions of authority throughout the YTMND community, which consist of the following:

  • Super moderator on the YTMND Main Site.
  • Operator on efnet's #ytmnd (now jewped)
  • First sysop/moderator of the YTMND Wiki.
  • DJ on YTMND Radio (Currently awaiting its reincarnation).
  • Moderator on the YTMND/YTMNSFW Forums between 2005/2006.
  • Owner/administrator of the YTMND Ventrilo server.
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