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Sexy sex! I'm filibuster. I make YTMNDs. As no one really cares about these pages, I will not attempt a serious one. ROBERT LOGGIA? Kiefer Sutherland approves

filibuster was born in china in the 1700s and he is god.

Tangerine tastes great.

I STARTED DANSON FAD. JOIN DANSONISM NOW. He has made a string of spectacular sites such as "homer ignored the warnings" and "requiem for a arnolds got hoes" and he is also the inventor of "L", which occurred in gabbly chat whilst discussing new terms for laughing. Filibuster suggested "L", simply standing for 'laughing', and somehow it caught on and still survives today in gabbly, instead of 'lol'. So I win. He has also secretly been behind numerous high profile YTMND incidents (i don't know which ones) such as the night we were all banned, the few hours where no-one could submit image or sound already used on the site, and has organised forced fads. He owns

i like to 5 sites.

Favorite UUUUUUUUUUUUsers (shut up, i'm british, hence the 'U')

L. -Kepledon
"L". kiefer sutherland APPROVES 
L. -Steven Seagal

The Chess Game

on the night of 13th august 2007, international chess mastermind kepledon challenged filibuster to a game of chess that, if he won, would mean he would own filibusters soul. Despite never picking up a chess piece before in his life, a courageous and spirited battle by filibuster saw him crush the challenge of kepledon and kepledon ran from the game before it could be concluded. filibuster is very modest and is still reluctant to speak of his amazingly spectacular destruction of chess grand master kepledon.

Also I have a nipple unfortunately Filibuster's shitty myspace TED DANSON

'This User: doesnt know how to use wiki properly'

that is all i have to say to you. now fuck off.